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Found 5 results

  1. Hey people During Guiding Light (IIRC) on the Saturday at Wembley coloured confetti and streamers were shot into the crowd, truly magical it was to watch it all descend down upon me. Being a tall lad I managed to catch the first brilliant red streamer to reach crowd level, I had a quick look at it and put it my pocket. Now, I totally forgot about this spectacle until earlier today when I was emptying my pockets. I found the streamer, unrolled it fully and decided for some unfounded reason to consume a small section. As the paper hit my tongue it stuck to it and an incredibly salty sensation spread around my mouth. I managed to get the streamer out and had a drink to try and get the saltiness away which didn't work in the slightest. I then tried cleaning my teeth and using some mouth wash, this worked temporarily but when the mintyness wore off the horrible salty taste was still there. This all happened around 1PM today, it's now past midnight and the taste is just as strong as it was when the streamer first touched my tongue. I can only compare the disgusting taste to something that might happen in a male Muse fan's pants if Chris, Matt and Dom played Showbiz in it's entirety on said Muse fan's front lawn... I'm sorry to clutter up the boards but kind of didn't want this post to be missed as I really do require some help. I've taken to eating raw onion which is more palatable than the salty taste but still far from ideal. Thanks for your time and any help would be massively appreciated. Olly.
  2. Hey everybody! During the summer tour, I am going to conduct a scientific study about us Muse fans, with the aim to try to find out why Musers are such dedicated and passionate fans, and how and when one becomes a Muse fan. Is there something all Musers have in common (apart from having a good taste in music )? Being a huge Muse fan myself, and studying psychology as one of my subjects for my IB diploma, I find this very interesting, and I am really excited about this project! The study will mainly consist of a questionnaire, which IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE: http://projectmuser.questionpro.com I will also hand it out to people before and after concerts in paper form (I'm doing 8 gigs this year). It will take about five minutes to complete and the answers will of course be anonymous. In addition to the questionnaire, I will also conduct a few interviews with some people in order to gather more qualitative data and gain more insight into why people become Musers and what makes them stay in the fandom. And now time for the exciting part: all participants have a chance to win one of three prizes that I will give away once the project in finished! The first prize is Muse merch of your choice worth €50, and the second and third prizes will be Muse goody bags worth €20 each. The online version will be open between May 24th until July 30th.. The results will be posted on my blog in the beginning of August this year, and the winners of the prize draw will also be announced then. The address to my blog is: http://www.mkultramused.com There you can find more information about the project and its progress. I've also created a Facebook page in order to make it easier for everyone to stay updated, so go ahead and like it! http://www.facebook.com/projectmuser The concerts I will attend and work on the project are: 25 and 26 May: Emirates Stadium, London, UK 1 June: Etihad Stadium, Manchester, UK 26 June: Stade Charles Erhmann, Nice, France 28 and 29 June: Stadio Olimpico, Turin, Italy 6 July: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy 27 July: Olympiastadion, Helsinki, Finland I really hope as many of you as possible want to participate - the more the merrier, no matter where you're from or who you are! The only requirement is to like Muse I guess This is the most interesting project I've ever done, and I'm doing it only because I think it's truly fascinating and fun. It was supposed to be a project for school, but since it wouldn't meet the specific requirements they had, I wasn't allowed to do it. But I decided to make it nevertheless, since I just love the idea way too much in order not to do it! Hopefully, all of us will find something interesting and beneficial from the results! And Dominic kind of already knows about the study, as he replied to me on Twitter not so long ago when I wrote to him about it. (I'm @loveMUSEic on there). So cheers for reading and stay updated, and hopefully I'll see you in the queue for the gigs! If you have any questions, just go ahead and ask! I'm doing this study for everyone, not just myself, and I want all of you to be part of it. Musey Regards, Michelle
  3. I had a dream the other night about Muse and I feel like it would make an awesome game/movie/music video. Basically Matthew figured out that he could control peoples minds with music, and he used this power to take over the world! The band became the evil overlords of the world, with Matthew as supreme overlord, Chris as his mighty henchman (He drove a giant bass playing robot that basically destroyed what he wanted with a simple cord), and Dominic became his mad scientist who experimented for better ways to control people. The problem was that people that were used to listening to Muse music seemed to be immune to the hypnotic noises that the band had created to control people. Muse let all those immune to their spell become the greater power of the world, but there were those of us who believe that people needed their freedom and we led a resistance against Muse, and tried to find artist around the world that could help find a way to stop people from being controlled. Basically me and three friends went around and kicked Muse droney ass, to get to Bellamy and stop him. I would slice people with my duel swords, Connor used a electric guitar looking axe, Marco carried a large keyboard with guns inside (think Wolf from Trigun), and Dan stood in the back with his computer and just sort of supported us with whatever we needed. On a sidenote. So excited to see them in Charlotte in September!
  4. Hello everyone, and happy new year Firstly, some bad news - as some of you know Sammy is leaving the mod team as of today. We'll be sad to see him go and on behalf of everyone I'd like to thank him for all the time he's put in here over the last two years! But with the new year, we are also getting two new mods. Tom! and Matthijs will be joining the team in the very near future. Tom will be covering mainly Muse and Muse inc Off Topic while Matthijs will be covering Off Topic and Muse inc Off Topic, and we'll assign them forum leader positions at a later date. Both have been long term members of the board and we're excited to have them as part of the team!
  5. had to be done like... if anyone can tell me how to embed youtube that would be great also
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