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    03/01/10 Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA, USA
    First Muse concert! ^^

    10/27/10 John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, USA
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  1. Oh yeah I was standing next to the girl with the Pikachu hat in the beginning but they moved down a couple of spots. I was #23 in line.
  2. Really good gig! Band seemed to be having a lot of fun and the crowd around me was having a blast!
  3. In DC now! Can't wait for tomorrow! See you all in the queue! I'm hoping to be there at around 8:30 or 9:00
  4. It would be a good idea to keep in mind all the protestors that are going to be down there too. Make sure you know of a lot of options for parking.
  5. The numbering system is great. Worked really well in C-ville. Can't believe it's tomorrow it felt like it was never going to get here.
  6. HOLY SHIT I almost wish I didn't know so I wouldn't get my hopes up lol
  7. That depends on how you're coming. If you're driving- the verizons center parking opens when the doors do which is 7pm I think. And traffic, i have no idea. Especially with all the protestors that day. If you have seated tickets then I wouldn't worry about getting their too early. Just early enough to allow for traffic etc. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  8. Hmm... I wouldn't know where to start one. Maybe one of the more experienced members here could help? I know a few have been successful in getting a song played. So there's hope . I would certainly be willing to help
  9. Really hope you all looking for tickets find them! Wish I could help 13 days now... it's comin up fast!
  10. I'm kind of worried about the Million Muslim March tbh :l. With all the crowds and the protestors I'm hoping it's not going to make queuing a horrible experience. Also, MY TICKETS SHIPPED! Wooh! Looks like I'm getting the good ol' paper ones :')
  11. Wow I'm glad you let me know! lol Except now I'm gonna be super nervous until I can physically hold the tickets in my hand :l. I'm so paranoid something is going to go wrong lol
  12. Yes I did! That will always be a special concert to me because it was my first time in GA . It was amazing
  13. Awesome!!! That's a great birthday present! I haven't received mine yet. When I pre ordered the last time I went to one of their concerts the tickets didn't arrive until a month before I think.... I can't remember the exact time frame.
  14. What time is everybody planning to get there to queue? I'm thinking I might want to get there at 9am for barrier but I'm not sure...
  15. Yayyy! Glad you got some! I also got GA . This summer is going to feel like it lasts forever lol
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