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  1. Romadu, thanks so much! Good to know that we're not all just blind. But does that mean it's going straight to general sale? Ugh... and I have work tomorrow. ><
  2. It's 10am now and I still can't find anything, nor can anyone else I know of... This post says it may have been delayed? But then why not announce anything? Hope this gets cleared out soon. also presale code can be found in the members section iirc.
  3. I've drawn Matt's face so often that I've kinda forgotten how to draw other people. But like his face is wonky but it still has the same basic structure as any other face. In fact I'd say in a way it's a bit easier than other faces, because you can really exaggerate his features and have it still look like him because they're a bit wonky. Can't wait to see it!!
  4. Haha, yes I was! Did I meet you yesterday by any chance? I have no idea who anyone was. I can't say how the GA crowd was overall but it probably does depend a lot on where you are. I enjoyed last night a lot more than at Prudential, even if I don't factor in the hug.
  5. the people behind me were definitely livelier than the people to the side. One girl on the barrier didn't move AT ALL and I think she was scowling, however that's possible. Oh well, didn't let that stop me from enjoying the hell out of myself. I could hear a lot of singing, too.
  6. I have a vid of the (last part) of Matt throwing the guitar into Dom's drums! www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpAOzbJw17E edit: lol what's the youtube tag now? It's been too long since I've posted.
  7. I don't give any shits that the setlist was generic. MATT HUGGED ME I CAN SERIOUSLY DIE NOW. I don't know how I'm still alive. My face is sore from how hard I've been smiling the past three hours. (any chance anyone got pics of that btw? I want to remember it and I got nothing but my memories )
  8. Don't care if there talkers the first night. I'd love to have a bootleg of that, too. Thank you for recording again!
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