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Hey people


During Guiding Light (IIRC) on the Saturday at Wembley coloured confetti and streamers were shot into the crowd, truly magical it was to watch it all descend down upon me. Being a tall lad I managed to catch the first brilliant red streamer to reach crowd level, I had a quick look at it and put it my pocket.


Now, I totally forgot about this spectacle until earlier today when I was emptying my pockets. I found the streamer, unrolled it fully and decided for some unfounded reason to consume a small section.


As the paper hit my tongue it stuck to it and an incredibly salty sensation spread around my mouth. I managed to get the streamer out and had a drink to try and get the saltiness away which didn't work in the slightest. I then tried cleaning my teeth and using some mouth wash, this worked temporarily but when the mintyness wore off the horrible salty taste was still there.


This all happened around 1PM today, it's now past midnight and the taste is just as strong as it was when the streamer first touched my tongue. I can only compare the disgusting taste to something that might happen in a male Muse fan's pants if Chris, Matt and Dom played Showbiz in it's entirety on said Muse fan's front lawn...


I'm sorry to clutter up the boards but kind of didn't want this post to be missed as I really do require some help. I've taken to eating raw onion which is more palatable than the salty taste but still far from ideal.


Thanks for your time and any help would be massively appreciated.





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Listerine? Wasabi? Chocolate? In any case - Salty usually goes well with sweet... ;)


If all else fails a friend says rat poison, but I wouldn't listen to them. ... seriously don't, considering the fact you eat confetti I guess I shouldn't suggest anything stupid.

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Okay, after laughing about a few minutes towards your expense and this thread...:LOL:...


My wild guess is that how they shot out the confetti is like those party poppers. If so, the saltiness is from the potassium nitrate or whatever else is in the mixture of the gunpowder. It'll go away soon enough. :LOL:

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