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    I pet dogs and tell bad jokes.
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    Thrice, Say Anything, We Are Scientists, Norma Jean, The Chariot, Brand New
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    I own Muse. I keep them under the floorboards of my closet. They're allowed out when they start making good music again.
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    Atlanta, GA - 4/6/13
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  1. Cada opción tiene sus ventajas. Una empresa con un excedente de flujo de efectivo prestamos inmediatos asnef debe negociar los términos de ventas con un alto descuento pronto pago, al igual que el 3% o 4%, en caso de que reducir los retrasos descuento por pronto pago de, digamos, 10 días a 5 días. Este método optimiza el uso de flujo de caja ya que terminan pagando los bienes y servicios a un precio inferior. Otra de las empresas que se buscaba financiación deben buscar los plazos de pago más largos, como entra 60 días o más. Y las empresas que poseen un alto saldo pendiente con su proveedor y la necesidad de reducirlo, pero no cuentan con los excedentes de caja, la opción de pagos iguales sería la mejor. Varios pagos iguales ayudarán a mantener un equilibrio más baja pendiente, y al mismo tiempo aprovechar las ventajas del comercio de crédito en.

  2. Damn your a sexy bitch... A sexy bitch.

  3. Are you calling me a bitch?!

  4. I want to have your puppies

  5. I want to send you all of the tights. Forever.

  6. Planned on writing a ton today. Wrote, I dunno, maybe 200 words. I'm failing at this again this year. Uuuuugh.
  7. I had music on for the first time Sunday and got a good chunk written. I just haven't even felt like opening my Word document for the past two days. Told myself to get caught up tomorrow, though. No work and no school, so I've got a free day! Should be able to get some writing done.
  8. Second day in a row I've neglected it. Just don't feel like writing all of the sudden. Dammit.
  9. Attempting this again. I got about 1/5 of the way there last year. 200 words so far this year, aw yeah! lol
  10. So I've been on that NSFW kitten link someone posted in the Random Picture Thread for probably way too long, and the fact that every dude's name in these shite porn videos seems to be Mike, and all the Mikes have "a very beautiful cock," plus modem connection fondling... I'm actually crying from the lolz. I should probably stop drinking.


    Should I stroke your ethernet cable? Is that how this works?

  11. We should totes have internet sex then.


    I'd like to fondle your modem connection.

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