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    10 November 2006 - Manchester Evening News Arena (Standing)
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    14 November 2006 - Birmingham NEC (Barrier)
    22 November 2006 - Wembley Arena (N9 Row U Seat 116)
    23 November 2006 - Wembley Arena (Standing)
    16 June 2007 - Wembley Stadium (Golden Circle)
    17 June 2007 - Wembley Stadium (Golden Circle)
    12 April 2008 - Royal Albert Hall (East Choir Row 5 Seat 17)
    10 November 2009 - Birmingham National Indoor Arena (Standing)
    13 November 2009 - o2 Arena (Block 101, Row Y, Seat 22)
    11 September 2010 - Wembley Stadium (Standing)
    26 October 2012 - o2 Arena (Seated)
    27 October 2012 - o2 Arena (Seated)
    23 November 2012 - Atlas Arena, Lodz, Poland (Barrier)
    18 February 2013 - Shepherds Bush Empire (Standing)
    22 May 2013 - Ricoh Arena, Coventry (Standing)
  1. I sat side stage when I saw them and the view was fantastic. Just be grateful you're going to be there
  2. To be honest, I'd happily never see them in a big setting again. All they've done is proven that they don't need all the shit that comes with the arena and stadium shows. I'm even considering not going to see them in Coventry, despite having a ticket. The sound was raw, the band were fun, and apart from the arsehole stood behind me, who kindly contributed to my severe back pain (should have taken a photo of him - he and his girlfriend stood rigid for the entire gig, but he was happy to shove me from behind a number of times - pardon me for having fun at a gig), the crowd were great. I barely even saw the band throughout the gig, but still managed to have fun.
  3. I'll be getting my stuff together slowly and catching a train when I fancy leaving. My back is still REALLY bad so adrenaline is very welcome to kick in this evening to keep me going! Hope to see some of you after the gig.
  4. I'm completely crippled with back pain today, so I'm considering a later arrival to the queue. I don't want barrier anyway (wouldn't get the kind of photos I need for my uni project). I'm hoping my back gets much better over the next day because at the moment I can't stand for more than a few minutes! Good timing! On the plus side, I handed my dissertation in yesterday so I will be celebrating on Monday :D
  5. That's a really good idea. In fact, when I speak to them I will ask them to email me the same response. I'm not buying a new passport purely to show my new surname, when I have no intention of travelling abroad for at least the next few years. I don't drive either, so I have no need for a driving license. I'm sure they'll be fine, but until I hear it for myself, I won't be happy
  6. I'm back to stressing about the whole I.D thing again now, after the email from Ticketmaster to remind me of the event. I have no use for a passport or driving license, so I don't have either. The only thing I have with my photo and name on it is my university I.D. I'm going to call Shepherd's Bush tomorrow just to give myself peace of mind. I know others have said it won't be checked, but I will be furious if they don't let me in on Monday.
  7. Save Me over Liquid State? Nah!! The only song I really, really want to hear again is Bliss. We had an amazing setlist in Poland, but it would have made my night if they'd played Bliss in the place of something else. I might actually have a heart attack and die if they do play it.
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