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  1. It's a shame that after all we've been through to make Muse perform here we won't even get to see them. Not if we're talking about this tour or the coming year anyway, and that definitely sucks, because we deserve them here. We deserve Muse in Israel for years. Unfair, enough said. The amount of the fans they've got here is way more than enough, so I guess it isn't the problem anymore. Wish we could get what we deserve for our effort and BRING MUSE TO ISRAEL.
  2. Contact me when you see this!

  3. We too could be glorious Assassin is born Sing for absolution Destroy the spineless
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  5. You: Matthew Bellamy? Stranger: Kesha? You: Madonna? Stranger: George? You: Dominic Howard? Stranger: nope. Kesha You: You're Kesha? Stranger: No, you are. You: Oh, well, it's nice to know that You: and you're Matthew Bellamy. Stranger: Nah, I'll be Jordan You: Micheal Jordan? Stranger: Nah You: the country Jordan? Stranger: The Ready Set You: I said your Matt Bellamy, so YOU'RE MATT BELLAMY. was that clear? Stranger: Fuck that! Stranger: He's old Stranger: Like you! You: Yeah, I'm very old You: just like you, Matt Stranger: Ew Stranger: How old are you Ke$ha? You: 806, You: How old are you, Matt? Stranger: Fuck, you're like a rotten apple. You: last time I checked you were 32 You: yep, happens... Stranger: Dasssuck You: How old are you, Matt? Stranger: 16 You: oh! it's good for fangirls! You: you're like Justin Bieber! Stranger: OMGZ LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER (thats in a song) yup. You: OMGMGMGOMG You: Matt You: you should tell Muse Wiki that they were wrong with your birth date Stranger: I know my truth. You: you should tell it to the world. so the fangirls would still have hope Stranger: I bet you're a fangirl You: I am! it sucks I'm older than you =\ 806... 16... it's impossible. Stranger: you're like the creepy one You: You can try to date Justin Bieber though, if you'd like You: he's in the industry You: and he's your age Stranger: Totally, he also has a voice that cracks, just how i like em You: you stole my overture. Stranger: nah You: Matt You: I need you You: to do something for me. You: if you steal things You: please go to Dom's faff bag You: and bring me a make up remover wipe! Stranger: Gee, Ke$ha, you're supposed to sleep in your makeup. You: you see, yesterday in the EMA's they put SO MUCH glowing make up on me You: and I look like a christmas tree You: will you do it for me? Stranger: Sureee You: yayyyy!!!! You: but Dom can't see! he'll get hurt! Stranger: Hahaha okay im done with this convoo. You: wait You: where is my wipe? Stranger: grrr. You: rrawwr Stranger: meow You: It's time the fat cats had a heart attack. Stranger: hah my cat is skinny. Stranger: its about to die. You: we have to unify and watch our flag ascend Stranger: hmmm song? You: Nahh... we really do! don't we? Stranger: woah Your conversational partner has disconnected.
  6. Hahaha,

    hii, I'm the girl from Omegle (Michelle) xP

    just made an account


  7. Tokio Hotel- best world stage performance? Linkin Park- live? Miley Cyrus presenting ROCK? and 30stm won? Â THAT WAS PATHETIC.
  8. Stranger: hello You: Matthew Bellamy? Stranger: no who the fuck is matthew bellamy You: you You: are'nt you? Stranger: oh noes my horrible secret was revieled Stranger: i am secretly Stranger: that guy you just mentioned You: love is forever. Stranger: yeah i agree Stranger: love is a powerfull emotion You: will we die together? Stranger: i'll always be with you darling so most likely yes You: Lie, I say NEVER!!!! You: and do you wanna know why? Stranger: because you're a man You: no. You: because our love would be forever. You: the world is FUCKING BROKEN! Stranger: yeah but we have to die once but even then i will hold and kiss you even after our bodies turn to dust You: ALL YOUR FAIRIES TURN TO DUST You: destroy this city of delusion!!! Stranger: even you after all you are the most beautifull fairie of all the land Stranger: ok *destroys city * then now can we be together You: yay!!! You: now You: break these walls down Stranger: *crushes walls into a million pieces * i'll destroy anything that keeps me away from you You: I'll will avenge and justify my reasons with your blood. Stranger: anything for you dear Stranger: just wait a sec my pizza's done Stranger: ok go You: I rather Muse than OK GO. Stranger: what ? You: lalalala. Stranger: la-la ? Stranger: been ages since i saw you You: indeed. You: I can't get it right since I'm Matthew. Stranger: oh my god Stranger: my mind is blown
  9. Showbiz, Bliss, and Hate This & I'll Love You.
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