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  1. For me T2L and Drones are in the same level. Better than the Resistane, even if the resistance has some amazing songs like T2L and Drones. But for me the last 3 albums have been a bit weak. Sure, like I said, some songs in each album are pretty great, but I only enjoy half and a bit of each album (same with Showbiz, but Showbiz had some great b-sides).
  2. Ok so..... Dead Inside - 7.5/10 (started hating it but now I like it a lot for some reason) Psycho - 7/10 Mercy - Still don't know what to give it but I don't like it! Maybe 2/10 or 3/10 Reapers - 8/10 The Handler - 10/10 Defector - 6.5 or 7/10 Revolt - I... I don't know Aftermath - Maybe 6 or 7/10 The Globalist - Same... I just.. I love 2/3 of it, hate the rest. (hate the Explorers 2.0 part) Drones - 5/10 (the church-y sound is nice but just hearing him go drones drones on a church like song is cringe worthy)
  3. This. I don't understand blind devotion. I like what I like and that's it. There's some old muse songs that I find dreadful, and there's some new muse songs that I love as much as some older ones.
  4. Então..alguem daqui vai ao NOS Alive ver Muse? Eu ainda nao sei mas gostava
  5. So bad So far the new songs have some really bad lyrics. I hope that won't be the norm (oh who am I kidding we will be lucky if we get a song with good lyrics)
  6. Unleash a million drones so the album is called drones and what, will every song have it on their lyrics? Hope not
  7. I think I might be one of the few people who like Fillip ahah don't know why I know its dreadful but I enjoy it's whinyness (i that makes sense) Explorers Big Freeze Guiding Light NSC Overdue/Sober guess those are the ones I hate the most.
  8. Same, love this song and listened to it after several months and ugh just so awesome. I've also listened to Spiral Static after a long Muse pause and man I forgot how much I loved the dark sound of it
  9. Oh wow that sounds better!! For some reason I prefer it live way much even if the sounds quality of the video isn't the best
  10. Dead Inside is so 80's it hurts. It's UD nr2 with the ending of Madness. STILL I prefer it to UD and Madness for some reason. I wouldn't mind more Muse songs with a funk style like Panic Station, but this 80's synth style...nah
  11. oh man havent been on the forum for a looonggg time (since the animals video I guess) I laughed at some of the lyrics, but:awesome: love the riff, the distortions, vocals... really reminiscent of 'old' muse I'm so excited
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