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    07/23/2008. Teatro Grand Rex, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    07/24/2008. Teatro Grand Rex, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    04/02/2010 Key Arena, Seattle. US
    04/20/2010 Foro el Sol, Mexico city, Mexico

    10/9/2010 Wembley, London.
    11/9/2010 Wembley,London.
    9/10/2010, ACL, TX
    23/10/2010 Nassau Coliseum. NY
    24/10/2010 Prudential center,NJ
    26/10/2010 RBC, NC
    27/10/2010 St Jhon university, VA.
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  1. I'll get tickets for this gig just in case, if I can't go I'll probably just give them to a friend, sucks not being in the states anymore
  2. Freaking unfair to put pricey tickets on sale with no heads up. Seriously. I'll just wait till the album comes out and see if it's even worth it
  3. Tht Hyper Music talk made me laugh and think of Micro Cuts Nice interview! Thanks for the scans:D
  4. Right now it's 3:48pm Friday (MSD) in St Petersburg. So if Muse starts playing after 8:30pm MSD time, that'd be 12:30pm EST || 9:30 am PST || 5:30 pm GMT. I don't know if they'll play at 8 or 9pm, so I put 8:30 to have an idea... you do your math
  5. I think it's the first time I don't like Bliss... at least this version... idk. His voice has changed so much and, yes it's completely understandable but, Bliss now sounds weak to me. Wonder if he'll dare to sing Micro cuts...
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