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    Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
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    all of them... except for the vinyls that im waiting for...
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    07/23/2008. Teatro Grand Rex, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    07/24/2008. Teatro Grand Rex, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    04/02/2010 Key Arena, Seattle. US
    04/20/2010 Foro el Sol, Mexico city, Mexico

    10/9/2010 Wembley, London.
    11/9/2010 Wembley,London.
    9/10/2010, ACL, TX
    23/10/2010 Nassau Coliseum. NY
    24/10/2010 Prudential center,NJ
    26/10/2010 RBC, NC
    27/10/2010 St Jhon university, VA.
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  1. you must be on privacy settings or something because i looked on her page and it didnt pull you up.


    go through her friends. im jessica.

  2. lol. no. im a girl. you'll see when i add you. :D

  3. Hey! U r the other guy right? Not her brother.


    She has me

    on facebook, eri araoz, add me!

  4. hey! i think i might have actually met you but you dont have an fb link for me to creep on so im not sure. i was with carina. :)

  5. Hey! Are you from Argentina? =) Cheers.

  6. it was amazing..

    even though i cant recover myself yet... i'm sick xD

    but is for all the crappy food from the last days queuing

    AND for being queing overnight too... but hell, it was the most amazing week of my year, so far.

  7. Quite good if you let out the fact that I was really depressed because of the saturday night that I was missing ;P I nearly cried

    And how was it for you? :]

  8. heyyy!


    whats up??


    how was the trip back home?

  9. btw will u go to any gig of this tour? i'll go to NY, NJ, NC & VA...

    i have ACL tickets too, but i'm not sure yet if i'll fly down there.

  10. hey!


    i was on GA, that might be why...

    i had Barrier on chris side on friday, and Barrier on Matts for saturday :awesome:


    did u go to 2007 Wembley?

  11. Hiya! Another Seattle area Muser in the Will Travel For Muse Club! Surprised we haven't met -- I was with a bunch of boardies in rows 5-7 of Section 125 (Matthew's side) and we lit up our aliens with flashlights! Great that he noticed yours!

    Mary, one of the ancient ones

  12. Hi there! I'm Jasmin from the gig at 10th sep. You know, the german one ;] Hope, you're enjoying the show today - I'm still jealous :( Well, see u!

  13. we both live in seattle! :D

  14. hey tom, i just read somewhere on the internet that Muse would be playing southamerica in February of 2011, please please... just give me something, im in the US now, but im from argentina... if the guys are gonna be playing there i would like to go, just say something!!!! is it a chance?

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