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  1. Ah lads, I'm so excited for tomorrow been so long since I've been to a Muse gig. Hopefully the crowd will be good 😁
  2. I got an email from ticketmaster last night with the code.
  3. I actually don't mind this, not a big fan of 360 stage set ups tbh. I hate looking at the performers back.
  4. I was able to buy my tickets. Did you use the link from muse.mu? http://www.ticketmaster.ie/venueartist/197033/1400322?did=muse2016ps&brand=muse
  5. Maybe try clearing your cookies or a different browser?
  6. I got that message too but it changed after I refreshed!
  7. Tickets bought, it was nearly too easy. Standing were cheapest which I was surprised by but I think that's the way it was last time too. Didn't see anything about my free album yet though
  8. I always get so nervous the morning before buying gig tickets. Good luck everyone! VIP looks like a waste of money to me, can't see any benefit other than getting in early but that's not worth an extra €100.
  9. I enjoyed their own stuff but that cover does nothing for me. I'm so jealous, the whole day sounded unreal!
  10. Jaysus, do they think we're made of money?:stunned: Hopefully it won't be that bad, last time they played there was only a €10 difference between standing and sitting as far as I remember...
  11. Yay! Finally an Irish date, I was just thinking last week that it's been too long since I've seen them. I think I'll be going alone this time as all my willing friends are Muse-d out of it. Can't see myself convincing them to come again. Someone on boards.ie said the tickets are priced from €64.50. I haven't seen a source for that but it's seem too specific to not be true... Also wtf is with them doing VIP packages... I always thought they'd be above that. :/
  12. Â They announced Roger Waters for the Aviva this morning. The tickets are on sale next Friday so I'd say we'll have to wait another two weeks or so for the Muse gig to be announced.
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