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Does anyone else have any streamers left? Can anyone confirm these symptoms upon eating them?


Just for the record, the Muse message board and those who moderate and administrate it are not responsible for any chronic saltiness that may be experienced from eating Guiding Light confetti.


I have streamers left from a few gigs, maybe I should have a bite from each to see if they are different :awesome::chuckle:

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This thread is like the best public-service anti-marijuana advert ever. Good thing salanderson didn't try a balloon fragment; he might've choked to death or succumbed to anaphylactic shock as a result of latex allergy. But seriously...


Okay, after laughing about a few minutes towards your expense and this thread...:LOL:...


My wild guess is that how they shot out the confetti is like those party poppers. If so, the saltiness is from the potassium nitrate or whatever else is in the mixture of the gunpowder. It'll go away soon enough. :LOL:


I think altrocker's definitely onto something, but after looking up a few terms in Wiki, my utterly WAG is that what the OPer is tasting is a trace of an alkali metal sulfide, potassium sulfide, left on the streamer by the combustion of potassium nitrate, aka saltpeter, a key component of gunpowder.


Wembley-goers, did any of you happen to notice any lilac-colored flames from the streamer cannons? (Lilac is the characteristic color of potassium combustion.)


It seems unlikely that the offending substance is potassium nitrate because, its likely combustion aside, that stuff is used and ingested in various ways, from curing meats to being a toothpaste additive. But the product of its combustion is readily soluble in water (or saliva), resulting in potassium bisulfide and potassium hydroxide. And that would probably taste very nasty indeed.


What troubles me about salanderson's story is the persistence of the taste; either this is unexpectedly serious (a chemical burn of some sort on his tongue maybe?) or a big wind-up. Another avenue to investigate: they say that most of our sense of taste is actually situated in our sinuses; maybe what's plaguing salanderson is some trace residue lodged in his sinus cavities, and maybe what he needs to be doing is not just swishing various substances in his mouth, but also irrigating his sinuses with a neti pot or inhaling saline water vapor or something. (But don't do anything without a doctor's instruction!)


I don't know what the OPer can do to neutralize those compounds, but he might want to mention all this to his doctors when he sees 'em.

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