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  1. Me me me me me me me me me me me me :D WOOOOO!
  2. That was amazing!! Epic mosh pits! Reapers is a fucking amazing tune I met Ilovemymonkey too, he did seem like the sort of guy who would really love his monkey. AND they playing groove. The groove!! Fuck yeah Did anyone hear which church in Brighton Matt said he wrote that song in? So pumped right now that was sublime!! Hope everyone makes it home safe. Supermassive muse love!
  3. Just got here, still a Q, gone for a tactical pint in the mash tun
  4. Just leaving now, have an epic tone everyone!!
  5. Got the conf email, so excited. See you down the front mosh heads!!!
  6. I've not got my confirmation email yet, has anyone else who just got a ticket? Do you literally just turn up with the card and ID?
  7. Fucking epic so happy right now :D
  8. Fuckckckkckqsqoafughjs;ldvbnm ahhhhhhhhh just got a standing ticket
  9. Just to elaborate, I am in Shoreham right now if anyone else who is there right now can pick me up one of these tickets I will be eternally grateful. I am in Shoreham, about 45 minutes away and can bring you the cash straight away.
  10. Please someone get me a ticket! I will love you long time!!
  11. Oh oh oh, that's a little less annoying then Im going to keep on keeping on, there must be a way!
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