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  1. Oh my god. Really, I am SO THRILLED that this show was amazing! Yes the previous comments from before were due to being so disappointed with LA Rising, but honestly I would've picked Muse to watch at Lolla anyway. (Oh and CP getting webcasted also helped too lol but whatever). Sound system at Lolla is perfect! It helped make the guys sound 10x better and I can say this was the BEST I've ever heard them perform. The energy of the crowd and band were also much better (b/c everyone was there to see Muse not another band). People at the barrier can say it all; I was at the sound booth and even from there the show looked and sounded fantastic. As for the setlist...I didn't pay much notice until Citizen Erased took me by surprise. I lost whatever calm was left in me. First time seeing it live and now I know why people get crazy over CE. The whole shoe had great energy from start to finish. The show was worth it! ((Thanks Muse!))
  2. Thanks for the link. This would've been PERFECT for the show. But nooooo, they chose not to play it! Oh well. Maybe the next show (or the one after that, and so on until R&L, lol).
  3. Alright, I'm excited for Lolla. I'm not gonna attend Indy nor Kan-whatever-rocksas, so I'm looking forward to the Chicago weekend. Hope to see some, if not most, of you during the fest.
  4. Hey what was that long sheet some of the dudes were feeding into the fire? Was it material from the tents? YES to the shirt! I looooved the movie, love Cap and can't wait for the Avengers! /offtopic Well in that case, I don't feel too bad about missing her set. Got hungry and had to go eat.
  5. Again, don't pay attention to the complaints. Plus you didn't record the video with the intention of servicing everyone the news about the soundcheck. Some people need to get over it and move on without being so rude. I think that was the biggest the fire was allowed to get before it had to get extinguished. So yeah, it was tame.
  6. Walking back to my car, I passed by a group of cops at the parking lot just outside of the venue, and I overheard one of them saying he wished he could've seen the show. I bet it might've been the same guy lol.
  7. I definitely didn't get enough sleep. I'm still feeling tired from last night and I need to study for my final exam tomorrow. Going to the show was worth it though. Finally got to see Rage and they were pretty good imo. Lol at the wristband.
  8. Hahah so I see my tweets came through. I'm really tired at the moment and haven't checked the entire thread yet, but before I go, I'm gonna write a few things.... -Yes I got my hopes up, which is completely my fault. But chatting with a few others who made it to the soundcheck the night was enough to make me believe that maybe...*sigh* -I was by myself in the seated area and was the only one into the whole Muse performance (well until near the end). Bimbo blonde kept invading my space with her body and wig/overstuffed hair extensions. The annoying guys behind me kept chanting "Rage Rage Rage" the whole time. Not cool. -Sorry about the tweets about the shirts (clearly they weren't meant to be SO SRS). Besides, I watched Captain America last night, so the movie and anything about it is still relevant in my mind. -I admit it, I'm not happy about the show. But to keep this short: it's only MY opinion, so please don't get your knickers in a twist and get defensive. I already have like two people tweet to me about my "attitude." (You know, you could just ignore whatever negative things I or anyone else say. Quite simple). -Yeah, majority of the crowd was there for Rage. It's my first time seeing them and I'm glad I stuck around to watch the show as much as I could. Overall I'm happy anyway.
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