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  1. I'm not sure the magnet is strong enough? Yes, the 12th harmonic is fine, the 12th fret is sharp. The bridge has been moved back as far as it will go, an it has made next to no difference. I also lowered the action to as low as it would go. As you can see it is a bit of a pain adjusting the bridge as it is not as simple as tightening a screw. More like undo a hex bolt, loosen string, guess placement, tighten hex blot, tune, repeat. My next thought would be to adjust the truss rod, but that is something I am less comfortable doing. Orobably really simple but I'd like to deal with other options first. The gauge can't have changed dramatically. Standards are 45-100 ish. Mine are currently 50-105. Is that really a huge change?
  2. It's more or less consistent all the way up, across all strings. The previous strings were super old so I cannot remember to be honest. I feel like it has been out for a while. I've not messed with the pickups, but I am not sure that would be the problem, bass strings are surely to heavy to be affected by the magnet...
  3. Brand new strings. I've lowered the action and it hasn't really helped, although it has helped me notice that my action has been far to high for years. Playing a harmonic on the 12th is in tune, but the fretted note is sharp.
  4. Well, the twelfth fret is definitely sharp, for all the strings. I'll check the harmonics when I have a chance tomorrow though. Would the action have an effect?
  5. Been a while. I'm having a bit of a problem with my bass, basically open strings are in tune, fretted notes are sharp. I've tried to sort this out by extending the length of the strings down by the bridge but it has not made a single difference. Anything else I can try? adjust the truss rod or something?
  6. on a muse message board, mistranslate muse as museum.
  7. I am the jam between your toes. I'm all for its own thread, then I can avoid it all the live long day.
  8. who knows? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVSRm80WzZk
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