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Gate 5 comp 7 drive 5 stab 5 sounds mega.


I hate having the Gate up on mine. It just cuts the sound out every time you try and hold a note. Having said that, I might experiment using the sustainer with it and see what happens! :chuckle:


Its 1 1/2 on mine :erm:


General guidelines for FF settings is that 7:00 is completely anticlockwise and 5:00 is completely clockwise I think. It just keeps things simple.

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i meant about the one Bs linked. i try to buy the vexter ones whenever possible because the pretty sparkles will just chip off :supersad:


unless it's a probe pedal of course....


Aye, all 3 of my Zvexes are Vexters. I like the concept of the individualised paint jobs and some of them, although not all, look incredible. Not worth enough of a difference to justify the cost increase for me though. Same as the Chrome Whammy and stuff like that. Looks great, but not worth the extra for pedals really.

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Well... a lot of talk about fuzz factory, clones of it and more but nothing about settings.


What setting do you use for?



Gate Comp Drive Stab


The Groove


Panic Station

SMBH 3 7 5 5

Plug in Baby 7 7 12 9


Guiding Light


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I would guess that the settings that people use are not really transferrable between different FF's.


There are many variables which influence what the FF is going to do, such as what guitar it's plugged into, and what it's driving. Also, the transistors used will differ between units, so no two FF's are identical, so it's hard to say exactly how you have your FF set.

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How you can get an "clean" sound from the fuzz factory. Well, I mean, I can get the sirene out the pedal like on Plug in Baby and Blackout like the HAARP DVD but playing notes from that sirene sound is quit noissy and the notes going every way during playing. I can't get hold the guitar above my head like Matt does on Blackout, sound is fluctuating at that time.


My setting is that of the Radio fuzz: gate 7, comp 10, drive 12, stab 9.

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