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  1. Hi James90 it's been a while. I just posted my Mansion for sale (in the appropriate thread, of course). Do much of the old guard still hang out here anymore?
  2. Hiya pals! It's been a while I'm selling my MB-1 (will I have to change my username now?) so I thought you lot might like a go at it before I post on Reverb.com. PM me if you're interested! It's from the second run of 25 and in great condition overall with just a couple of small scratches and, of course, a few rusty screws. I'm asking $4500 OBO - free shipping to CONUS but I'm willing to discuss int'l shipping as well, just not quite sure what all that would entail with CITES and whatnot. pics here : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v6z1bwunwzk0n3h/AABMGPao4y6zclCMQtD2QYFZa?dl=0
  3. Literally came here to post the exact same thing, with a caption about MotP... more here: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/hologram-electronics-dream-sequence.1660016/
  4. James, I must admit that the Edge signature Strat is a little bland...basically just a black CBS-era Strat with a Dimarzio bridge pickup. In other news, did you see that guitar on TGP that's basically a rip on the Manson Drone guitars? I think the guy who started the thread thinks it's an original idea
  5. Couldn't help but post about these. Never bought anything from Spaceman Effects before, but I've just gotten into them and I'm pretty excited. Found great deals on both of these used in the past couple of days... Sputnik Fuzz: [YT]KdKvDRio0pA[/YT] Saturn V "Harmonic Booster": [YT]pbFWjQfFKfc[/YT]
  6. Quoted for truth, I'm about to buy a Neunaber Stereo WET myself. The BigSky is very cool and sounds great but ends up, at least to me, being a lot to deal with if you're really only using a few different types of reverbs.
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