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  1. Yea theyve all been reported, ive got pics of the guitar on my phone including the serial number, going to phone mansons and let them know just incase. Just back from cash converters funny enough told them it was reported and if it comes in theyll phone the police. Also left word with the local guitar shops too. Just have to keep my ear to the ground though, this place i live isnt that big.
  2. Hi guys, very sad times at the moment, my house has been broken in to while i was out and needless to say, among other things, my manson MA has been stolen. Im only posting this on here just incase anyone happens to see a white MA on any auction or selling sites in/around belfast/ northern ireland, there cant be too many over here... i am doubtful because i honestly dont think anyone that would live close enough to rob me would know what one is but just incase, ill be checking local guitar shops and second hand shops tomorrow, thanks guys.
  3. I love my SG, granted its a trasher and i got it for £100 and basically replaced everything on it and the balance is atrocious but i do really like it, kinda like suping up a crap car i suppose, its crap, you know its crap, but youre gona fuckin stick by it I would never have paid full price for it though lol
  4. Lucky git. I watched the vid and heard someone shouting what sounded like "NNOOOOO" "NOOOOOOOOO" and maybe "fuck you!" near the end lo, maybe japanese, maybe in my head.
  5. Maple fretboard is a push with the carbon finish but on a flame or other transparent finish then green - gold H/W - maple fretbaord is win
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