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  1. OK the Sydney show was good - those rising towers are awesome. It's nice to play old songs again but Muse need to move on and play more of The Resistance ! Disappointed none of my 3 favorite songs from the album weren't played...
  2. anyone going to notice my question ?
  3. Nice guitar mate I'm planning to build my guitar with a similar shape but with a flamed maple top and no effects. I'm curious to see how this shape would look like on an all wooden guitar. There is one thing that puzzles me; is the bomber body the same size as the silver/black/broken mirror/mirror ? The bomber seems narrower but it might look smaller because of the curved sides and the tremolo ?
  4. hey, haven't been on this thread for years lol I'd like to put MORE info in the first post: * FF settings for main songs * how to integrate FF to a guitar, has anyone done it? Can you guys help me out? Cheers
  5. mmm I found that in one of the threads here: D---0-0-3-0-6-5-3-0--0-3-0-6-6/7---0-0-3-0-6-5-3-0 I also found this: e|---------------------------------|------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------|------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------|------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------|------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------6-6-|------------------------------------| D|-0-0-3-0-4-0-3-0--0-3-0-6-6------|0-0-3-0-4-0-3-0-3*-3*-0-3*-3*-| * = harmonic Are any of these accurate ?
  6. Hi Has anyone ever tabbed the outro that Muse did a lot this year for thr outro of SS ? Is a riff of another band or just jamming ? Thanks
  7. hey guys, what Fuzz Factory setting do you use for this song ? I always use the high compression setting for playing muse (Hi-Compression 3:00 9:00 5:00 5:00) but it's not quite right for SS.
  8. I still can't play this song stroking the D string in both ways
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