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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everybody. I would like to introduce you to a musical project called Delicious Gace. We'rejust starting out. Our sound is based on multiple influences. I personally am a big fan of Muse and that's why we decided to post our song here. I hope you like it:
  2. October 2019 Hi Musers, Anyone in Glasgow (Scotland) or surrounding area looking to collaborate and make some music? Wanted! Drummer, Bassist, keys/2nd guitarist (any backing vox a huge bonus!) aged between about 20-30, any gender welcome. [I’m not long 27 for a guide] I’m a guitarist and vocalist looking to write, record and gig. Had a couple of projects that started up and never went anywhere, so looking for like minded folk to make some music with. Have a bunch of songs partially written, loads of lyrics and ideas and som TASTY riffs! I’ve written and recorded an original song last winter (yet to be released) that’s got a bit of a Musey feel to it at points, certainly inspired by them and many other bands. It’s not a Muse cover or tribute band I’m looking to start, but would never say no to jamming out some of their songs. Looking forward to getting back into the rehearsal studios. If you fit the criteria and are looking for something similar, or know someone that you think would fit, please do get in touch! I don’t always get emails for the forum, so if I don’t reply within a few days - send me an email at andrewp.lennon@hotmail.com or we can try connect on social media! Thanks for reading A Supermassive Pwoper Muser Andrew
  3. this is my remix cover.. tried my best.. sorry because did not include the ending part (climax).. i use the acapella version... the ending part in the acapella version includes the drum so i did not know how to delete the drum sound... please support me and like and share.. Muse, now and forever
  4. Hi, I just saw the clip online of recently, and it seems that Matt has brought back the guitar playing in it! And not just part, but for all of it! Do you think this was just a one-time thing, or do you think the chances are high that he will start playing instruments on other songs again, like guitar on Unintended, Blackout, Follow Me; piano for the intro of New Born; or the keytar in Undisclosed Desires? ~Dan P.S.: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. I haven't been here for so long that it's confusing to me.
  5. Here's my lesson for Psycho, tab is in the description. I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum to post this to, if not, let me know.
  6. So, i'm new here and i didn't know what topic i was going to choose so i took this! Please no hate So, i've been playing guitar about a year and few months, or so. Started practising seriously like 11 months ago, i can play easy song's like Smells like teen spirit and Holiday (by green day) i also know how to play plug in baby, but i'm still practicing! It's going great, can play at the right speed and stuff Well, any other easy muse songs? Is it true that hysteria solo is easy? People say it sound's hard, but it's easy. And i have the worst amp and guitar. And my mom told me if i play any hard song on guitar she'll buy me a new guitar and amp, so any easy song that sounds hard?
  7. Hi everyone. Didn't find a thread about this topic. So, has anyone of you decided to make your own Manson guitars and Pedulla basses? :D Well, i'm probably buying a cheap, 400€, custom built Telecaster and i'm going to make a lot of ''Matt-style'' customizations to it. This is the guitar that i'm buying: [ATTACH]15565[/ATTACH] And what am i going to do to it? Well, first of all, it is going to be green-glitter-painted. Then i'm going to install a Kaoss pad to it. Anyone else thinking now that it would then fool 95% of people that it's a real Manson?
  8. It's been a very long time since I've posted on the forums.. I don't often share my music however I feel I should share with the Museiverse. They're Midi because I can't record to save my life and my computer is too terrible to handle vst's. Here we go! flamenco style rock with strings, kind of like city of delusion. fast pased piano with thom yorkeish drums in 15/8 time and crazy arpeggiators. rocky, kind of like dead star/killing in the name with a solo similar to new born. There are more pieces on the page but I wanted to share the 3 newest. I'd love to know what you guys think!
  9. Hello, I have one question... anyone knows what seymour duncan guitar pickup gives the sound more akin to the bare knucle nailbomb, I want to change the bridge pickup of my guitar but I want a sound very similar to the kaoss manson. I know the effects and pedals that make the sound of Matt but I want a guitar pickup, which has a tone almost identical or similar, Seymour duncan because I have no budget for more expensive things... Thanks
  10. Here put online patches for POD HD.
  11. Hi. I've read a few threads, but nothing on this particular subject. When Matt plays most of his solos live, he uses sort of a power chord to mute the strings he doesn't need. In stead of just picking one string, when the solo is only on one string, he picks all the strings. I really can't explain it any simpler than that. Does any one want to tell me something about this technique? I have watched a whole lot of videos of both him, and people doing guitar covers in order to figure it out. Check out these examples. Sunburn 2006. During the solo here he uses that "power chord". I could not embed this. http://youtu.be/n5ujX9OtfWk?t=2m35s This great cover of CE. Check out 4:18 + http://www.youtube.com/embed/d2_9JN93f3w And also this guy, from about 2:10. http://www.youtube.com/embed/7lU6FTDb3Bg Could someone help me with this? Maybe "tab" it out?
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