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  1. Yep QOTSA killed it last night, and that set list was dandy. I loved the 'this is for all the fans that have been with us since the beginning'. Take notes Matt.
  2. Looks like a Tom Morello Kill Switch style intro using the neck pickup, and then he switches to bridge to play the song.
  3. Hard to say, but I would suspect it was there. I highly doubt they are taking much gear in and out on a regular basis.
  4. Yea, I don't think it means anything really though, just his touring rig. I don't think he'd say you know, I don't think I'll play CE this tour so just leave that guitar here. He probably just grabs the gear and hits the road. I got real excited when I saw the guitar tech holding the strat side stage getting ready for the next song because he had used it for some cool shit at Webster Hall. I then remember The Globalist and was disappointed.
  5. We were a couple people back. We didn't even really worry about it until after 30STM was done. For CE I tweeted pretty much everyone Muse related and I think I just got kind of lucky cause they were actually dropping some rarities during the tour unlike this one.
  6. Show was actually really good.Dig Down works decently live although it is a little slow, made a cool opener though. The energy for the first half of the set was amazing, then a couple of slow songs killed that a bit. I felt like Muse was just on point. Everyone looked to really be enjoying the tour. Matts vocals were in really great shape too. Setlist was somewhat generic as per usual this tour, but I still really enjoyed the show overall.
  7. Thats a bummer! There is a roof over the GA and first 2 of 3 seated sections at the Toronto venue. I only went there once for lawn tickets, will never do it again. I hate this venue, it has to be a decent gig to drag me there!
  8. Yea I watched that interview, and yep I'll be at the Toronto show tomorrow, I've got my floor tickets!
  9. Those comments are hilarious, wanting Muse to go back to how they were... Do they not realize how much gear they used to trash compared to now?
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