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  1. Liverpool's 3-1 defeat by Crystal Palace on Sunday means they are 18 points behind leaders Chelsea after six defeats in their first 12 league games.

    Yes, that is poor if you compare it to what happened fun88 in the Reds' previous campaign, in which they suffered the same number of defeats in total and the outcome of the title race was in their hands with only three games to go.

    But that was a one-off. If you look further back, dang ky 12bet Liverpool have been a top-eight team playing in the Europa League, not title contenders.

    So, although they are currently probably lower than expected in 12th place, dang ky fun88 I would not say I am hugely surprised how things have gone since Suarez's sale.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I would act the same way around any person I don't know anything about who I wanted to buy something from.

  3. Hey Phill, you have a coupe of private messages.

  4. Hey James90, thanks for the info. I AM sorry, and I meant no offense. I literally know nothing about Phill except that he lives in England and he has something I want.


    I am sorry, and hope I haven't alienated anyone through misunderstanding.

  5. For what it's worth, many people on here (including myself) have bought items from Phill and he doesn't screw people over. He'll give you a transaction you'll never forget.

  6. Luckily, Mr. Obama won't be involved in this transaction. Or any cellphone provider or friends. I really do want this box set, and will probably only get rid of it when my family sells it when I die. In all seriousness, do you take paypal? Can I use Western Union Money Transfer? I truly want this set. Can we use private messages so that everyone won't see personal info when I send it to you? Call me a paranoiac, but I don't want a ton of strangers knowing my address.

  7. I realize I'm posting on the wrong profile, but it doesn't matter at this point.


    Your last message was pretty offensive and I think you should say you're sorry. Phill wouldn't rip anyone off. Buy it and he'll be your new best friend.

  8. Sorry, I haven't looked at my account in a while. I do still want this, but I am low on funds currently.


    To get down to business, I would most prefer to pay $45. But, no offense, how do I know I can trust you? I know nothing about you. How would I pay you? How would I know you wouldn't rip me off? I mean no offense, I just want to be cautious.

  9. Greetings. You have a Resistance box set. There were apparently only 5000 copies. I would happily part with $35 including shipping for it. That's all I'm willing to pay, and you can almost certainly get a better offer elsewhere, to be fair.

  10. Happy b-day! Hope u have a great 1.

  11. No idea. It certainly won't be for a while. I'll ask my mate when I see him next but I don't he'll know either. It'd be down to the label/band I would think.

  12. Is there any approximate date for the Mastodon Live DVD to be released? I know it was just filmed, but I'm curious is all.

  13. Happy Birthday! :party:

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