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  1. Nope, Bothrill's sessions were in december 2000, in september/october 2000 they recorded a bunch of demos just before the final gigs of showbiz tour, in australia/japan/northern europe. And it makes sense, if they recorded the final version of plug in baby in october 2000, they wouldn't play the demo version in early november 2000.... I believe the " mushroom session " happened after the tour, and that led them to reach the OOS tone, so they created new arrangements for the demos they already had : bliss, pib, new born, dark shines, and " the other " on the CD is probably hyper music or microcuts ( unfortunately there's no bootleg of that song but it was played at the end of showbiz tour ) That's the most plausible explanation, I think.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs_4TUmhriA&feature=youtu.be Hey guys, we just finished our cover of Easily Tell me what you think.
  3. http://i.imgur.com/bpC8PAR.jpg Isn't it the white switcher pedal from Showbiz Tour ?
  4. Screenshot from Astoria 2000. I can't see any whammy or line6 DL4, does it mean that these two units are useless ? I believe that he bought them at the same time as the DC lite.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJq5SZEs_e0 Hey, we just recorded a new cover for the PinkEgoBand channel. As the singer left the project, I tried to take the lead vocal, so let me know what you think
  6. If nobody's interested in the custom hardware, I definitely am
  7. Showbiz : - Showbiz - Unintended Origin Of Symmetry : - New Born x 2 - Bliss x 2 - Plug in Baby x 2 - Citizen Erased - Feeling Good Absolution : - Apocalypse Please - Time Is Running Out x 3 - Stockholm Syndrome x 2 - Hysteria - Blackout - Butterflies & Hurricanes BH&R : - Take A Bow - Starlight x 3 - SMBH x 3 - MOTP x 3 - Soldier's Poem - Invincible - Assassin - Knights Of Cydonia x 3 The Resistance : - Uprising x 2 - Undisclosed Desires x 2 - Resistance - USoE T2L : - Supremacy - Panic Station - Madness x 2 - Follow Me - Animals - Liquid State - Survival - Unsustainable - Isolated System x 2 Drones : Psycho Dead Inside Mercy The Handler Revolt The Globalist Other songs / Riff : - Dead Star - Dracula Mountain - Monty Jam - Munich Jam
  8. If it's still available, I would like to buy it
  9. If you want, I can ask him if he's opened to international shipping.
  10. http://www.slappyto.net/Petites-Annonces-Basse-Occasion/Voir-Annonce-Matos-Basse.aspx?id=52446
  11. If you want to get rid of it, I can have a solution for you...
  12. Yes it makes sense, but I can't see him playing Aftermath on a non-strat guitar , but hey, I felt the same with Animals Is there a real difference between the standard model and the orange crunch edition ?
  13. The new strat is probably for Aftermath, I think ? EDIT : https://www.leboncoin.fr/instruments_de_musique/947964955.htm?ca=17_s damn
  14. James, I can't really read the brand of this guitar : http://fr.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-Maple-Fingerboard-Electric-Guitar-with-Gig-bag-Accessories-Monochrom-High-Quality-musical-instrument-US/1379650_32346508915.html But it seems really similar to the brand on the head of the white travel guitar, no ?
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