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MTV's Musical March Madness 2013


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It's back! So who's in the mood for spam? ;)


This year, Musical March Madness should have extra special meaning for Muse fans-- song being theme for the real March Madness & such. So vote if so inclined! :D


Round 1- Muse is up against Kings of Leon:



If interested in all matchups:


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Did my Muse civic duty.


Lol @ all the comments on the site being about Tokio Hotel (who seem to lead their own match 99% - 1 % against My Bloody Valentine, which is actually a really good band).


That fandom if any can probably overtake us.

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OH god what did I just see.


Tokyo Hotel 98.6%


My Bloody Valentine 1.4%




^ That sentiment goes for Mumford & Sons beating Japandroids and for Phoenix beating Arcade Fire (not that I think Phoenix are bad but they aren't even in the same galaxy as Arcade Fire).


Actually flipping through them I voted in about 10 and with the exception of Muse all the bands I voted for are losing.

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Is that Ed Sheeran guy any good or what? I'm actually seeing him next month because he's opening for Taylor Swift and I'm taking my daughter. It was painful even typing that out loud.


:LOL: I feel quite sorry for you.


Well I for one don't like him at all, find his music very boring

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