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  1. Come out of the umbra into the nimbus of our man-made gods Step into the opaline light and let your creativity from within shine brighter than the summer solstice Let your genius come forth and flourish like an umbel filled with every hopeful wish And blaze brighter than our daylight star with your own incandescent brilliance
  2. Wouldn't it be cooler if they did something not heard before? Like a bit from one of their new songs? Or a wild holiday greeting? Break the tradition with something different?
  3. Jujubean


    How about "Soliton of Dark Matter"?
  4. I think you're extraordinary even when you goof or fumble, and you're always kind and caring even when you want to walk away. I think you're absolutely wonderful even when you curse or mumble, and you're always smart and funny even when you run out of things to say.
  5. The bodiless symbioses are what succors me, but once again, I find I believe in the heroes of old- Orion, Adonis, and Hippomenes the bold. Elated though I am, I feel peacefully content to watch from afar as they unfold their master plan. Confident I am that what will come from them will be as wonderful or greater than anything foretold. -- Traveling to the fuzzy line before the unknown, I pushed away all that would easily go, to not witness the transition, but it is not a quick expedition. The strife I struggled through was a byproduct of this isolation, but better to feel petty wrath from afar than the pity and sorrow up close. At least, that is what I said to comfort myself, but that primal need to live and breathe makes me want to scream- 'Don't let me go!' You drew me to your warmth and how I rushed to speak to you in my way. But to spare you sadness, I thought it best to stay silent and away. And yet, if you have need of me, I would try to extend time to include unwritten days, but I cannot say how long I can stay. If I had the ability to alter destiny, I would make certain your life was long, full and happy, because I adore you, you lovely, clever fool. Do what you must do, but know I believe in you.
  6. To be closer to him I sought out immortality, but instead, a death-like sleep separates me from humanity. How could I not reach beyond my limits to touch the feet of Cupid. How could I not try to taste life one last time. Rising gracefully into a last embrace with him. How could I not hold his tenderness in my mind. If he could redeem my tarnished soul and wake me from this languid plight, will I live once again, kneeling in his light? -- Thou and I under a different sun would never need to journey away. Everyone we meet would understand us and the words that we say. We would belong as we are, never as they would have us be. For you are already perfect. Truthfully, that is what I believe.
  7. My mind is trapped inside my body. An ocean of thoughts and feelings that never make it to the surface. You never see a mote of the beauty and passion I carry inside. And there are days when I want to be me. My mind swells against the prison of my tongue. It aches to be free to speak. A waterfall of ideas raining down, but only a drop comes forth from my mouth - "sure", "absolutely", "no problem", "okay". These aren't words I choose to speak, but they are words you understand. Out they come, and you smile and nod. My mind demands more of life. Surely, there must be more than this. I would trade the disquieting peace - I'd discard my clever camouflage - I'd give up my normality - For a life worth living, a life where you and I speak about anything and everything, where the world is open for exploration, where communication also becomes music and touch and 3D art, where no one is rejected for being different. Where does a life like this exist?
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