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  1. has MERCY so far reached only # 19 on the alternative songs ? quite disappointed by the fact i hope that they don't have experienced the KROQ ban this year The Kroq ban is a thing, which happened to several alternative rock bands which were quite successful at times but then after a while they were banned by KROQ and their last song on modern rock tracks chart reached the top 20 For example LINKIN PARK in the 2014 era they were supported by kroq but now they are not being played ...
  2. actually my grandmother was of russian descent :-))) my brothers and sisters do have taste I m sure that this album is celebrated even by PUTIN. :-))) because of the lyrics in many songs on DRONES...... CIA etc...
  3. museamuse everybody knows that GOLD in the us =500,000 copies and in the uk =100,000 but how many in russia ?
  4. Nowadays thats absolutely normal for example in the 80s it was unlikely that an album in the us would debut at # 1 albums took a lot of weeks to reach # 1 for example an album released in 1987 had typical chart trajectory # 10 # 8 # 5 # 1 # 3 2 # 4 # 6 FOR EXAMPLE but nowadays we do have chart trajectories like this # 1 # 5 # 10 # 12 # 16 # 18 Therefore i said that chart posizions are useless and worthless What nowadays matters is the weeks on the charts for example IMAGINE DRAGONS first album or TAYLOR Swift spent 30+ weeks on the bb200
  5. MIKA is rather popular in france and i didn't write something about ARIANA GRANDEs success in france please be patient ! I talked about the hot 100 entry of MIKA POPULAR SONG yes MIKA was boycotted. I cannot say anything but there are some rules which boycott people MIKA had really great success 2006 -2007 and even in 2008 he released singles and he got tons of airplay in uk, germany and rest of europe but as his Single WE ARE GOLDEN was released it was blacklisted by tons of radio stations europewide (in the us he had never really airplay) it was not completely banned but got airplay at night by for example BBC RADIO ONE and fro example in germany the song was played just 2 times total on mtv and Viva and since then he never again had airplay might be something to do with his GAYness i know ELTON JOHN pet shop boys had decade spawning careers but radio is still weird about the heterosexual images
  6. i Do have a friend, who is a hardcore mika fan and gay. He told me, that he still has success in france and he even sent me a song ELLE DIT or something was the name. But i thought it would be a joke But interesting. I read an article years ago that Mika was boycotted by radio and mtv and other outlets after his first album. The reason might be that he is labeled as a GAY ARTIST. iT Was known from the first moment that he is not heterosexual but the boycott came after the first album the second album flopped totally and that was the end on the other hand MIKA had just two hot 100 entrys GRACE KELLY (#57 ) LOVE TODAY (#92) BUT in 2014 he again had a small hit POPULAR SONG (#84) that was a surprise to me because it was his third entry on hot 100 and after 8 years of absence but that was thanks to ARIANA GRANDE who is a little superstar at that time in t
  7. wtf mika is still successful in france ? he was boycotted or cancelled after his second album by many radio stations in europe but he had a hot 100 entry by 2014 with a song with ariana grande or better said thanks to ariana grande which position in the usa DRONES ??? will it fall out of the top 10`
  8. again sales of records are down in the last years no discussion here but RIAA should really change their policies maybe GOLD = 300,000 sold records PLATINUM 600,000 SOLD albums ?? BECAUSE RIAA changed numbers of SINGLES by 1988 from GOLD = 1,000,000 to GOLD = 500,000 sold singles and PLATINUM = 2,000,000 to 1,000,000 maybe they should change the policies again? because in the future less and less albums will reach GOLD last year it was the lowest point when only a few records sold 500,000 and more
  9. how you define SUCCESS ? charts are summarizing of numbers and nothing worth they released the album in june and how it would look if they would release this in autumn 2015 then when several high profile artists release album ? and in terms of number 1 hit it doesn't count anymore so much And without a hit in the uk and the us charts it is hardly a hit album
  10. matt bellamy is worth 15 million dollars thanks to touring and their early albums royalties. but nowadays as a musician you cannot earn much on albums+ singles
  11. oh come on its just 9,99 for an album and if you have bought some songs of the album the price is reduced
  12. THIS is not a stupid question but its a development since maybe beginning of the 2000s there was a time in the late 90s when bands like NSYNC or BACKSTREET BOYS or creed sold 10 million albums in the us alone and 2004 USHER sold 9 million copies of CONFESSIONS But nowadays only a few bands and acts sell more than 1 million records in the us with 1 album and MULTIPLATINUM you can forget ! :-)) BUT TO your question even high profiled bands or singer like Madonna or Coldplay and u2 struggle to sell albums nowadays MUSE 2nd law sold just under 500,000 copies which is not bad The last COLDPLAY album sold 750,000 copies in the usa coldplay for example is more mainstream and they are supported by more radio stations in the usa but even they sold 750,000 of their last studio album which spawned 2 hit singles in the usa
  13. REAPERS is awesome stadion arena rock at its finest But again I'm disappointed that this era they will end without hot 100 entry they didn't even reached the bubbling under hot 100 charts which means # 101- #125 this would be the first time since 2000 that they had not a hot 100 or bubbling under entry in the us hmmm ABSOLUTION era hysteria # 117 starlight # 101 uprising # 37 neutron star collision # 77 madness # 45
  14. ich bin Muse Fan seit 2007. Aber ich brauchte sehr lange bis es gezündet hat. Ich war noch ein kleiner Schüler 2004 als ABSOLUTION rauskam. Damals bekamen MUSE sehr viel Promo. Das video mit JUSTIN THEROUX im Hotelzimmer bekam sehr viel Airplay auf VIVA und MTV damals gab es diese PLaylist Nummerierungen Das war damals N1 Das heisst es wurde mindestens 15 mal am tag gespielt trotz des gewalttätigen videos doch es hat mich nicht gejuckt. Ich wurde kein Fan. Aber die Plattenfirma hatte damals sehr viel investiert in das Album und promo in Deutschland Die single floppte NICHT MAL # 100 war erin denn entgegen aller Meinungen müssen Plattenfirmen zahlen (oder es war früher mal so ) in der zeit als videos noch wichtig waren. Und dann 2006 in der neuen Ära von Muse bekamen sie weiterhin airplay auf VIVA und airplay in DE doch auch diesmal kein Hit. Ihr album erreichte zwar top 10 aber in der heutigen zeit kein verdienst und dann passierte folgendes 2009 hatten MUSE ihren bis heute einzigen TOP 40 hit in Deutschland UNDISCLOSED DESIRES erreichte # 17 und hielt sich sehr lange in den top 100 und dann ? 2012 wurde wieder viel investiert. MADNESS sollte der Hit werden. Er war auch teill einer Werbung von einem Radiosender. DAS VIDEO bekam viel airplay auf VIVA doch der Song floppte. # 99 war PEAK doch dank der Werbung war noch mal # 60 drin mehr nicht und diesmal wurde ganz auf promo verzichtet. Das album wurde kaum promotet in Deutschland. der deutsche Markt ist für MUSE gegessen
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