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  1. Happy birthday dear muse friend :D

  2. sorry i'm so so so late, but I hope you had a great holiday season and are doing great right now :)

  3. Pau! i hope you're doing well :) School has me all busy so I havent been here in so long :(

  4. Have you schooled any Euro's on how to pronounce CaRIbbean? :LOL:

  5. By the way, We were at the same Muse show in NY :o you traveled pretty far to get here :p

  6. Yea I think Itachi can handle Shikamaru in chess :LOL: They also haven't shown Sasuke in a really long time. Where is he? I completely forgot what he was last up to. And I think Obito has to play into this somehow. I think his other eye was saved or something.

  7. yea it was, he had no chance :( I can't even begin to describe the heartbreaking feeling lol. Do you play fantasy baseball?

  8. Yea! i always wondered what that crow Itachi gave Naruto was for, and now we know :D Itachi is so smart. It kinda sucks because now it won't be used on Sasuke, who's a bigger threat. And yea what of Kakashi and the others? and Where's Lee? :LOL: I want to see the others every now and then...

  9. yea...pretty sad. Your team was the one who broke our hearts :( Damn you Wainwright!

  10. Nice :D I'm a Mets fan in hiding :LOL:

  11. Yea lol it's the only manga i keep track of now that Bleach bored me. So you know about the war and about Naruto and Bee vs. Nagato and Itachi?

  12. :LOL: anyways, have you been reading the Naruto manga?
  13. Is that a baseball fan i see? :eek:

  14. I thought we were friends already! lol

  15. lol well ima be there august 5th i think.

  16. it's cool lol you never told me why you were going to chicago nor when :-p

  17. Mimi! you never returned -___-

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