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  1. Wow, thanks for finding all those vids- now I don't have to go thru any trouble to relive my gigs - all I've gotta do is challenge you so you can do all the work for me! Much appreciated!
  2. Lol, my ears work quite well thank you. By your logic, the opinion of those actually at the gig counts less than those hearing a recording filtered thru machines that degrade & distort quality. Sure thing, I guess we should skip going to gigs & just rely on a band recording.
  3. Um, wrong. Don't know if you were at the gig, but I was& it sounded pitch perfect from the first few rows- in no way did he struggle. I was happy to get DI in place of UD bc I'd already seen UD before & the acoustic seems to add nothing. Same with Handler- great as it is, I've already seen SS live. Handler was also great - none of the vocal struggles from videos I saw from last year. So maybe the audio doesn't translate well in recordings in general?
  4. Not worth discussing since a whole surprise album just isn't happening. They said they've got 3 songs recorded & that lines up with the amount of time spent in studio in London. So it's only worth discussing the timing of releasing these 3 songs. By what Matt's said, it'll be one single at a time, which makes sense nowadays, & may as well try something different from the dying album-every-3-years format. So I say- 1 song now (early May at this point) played on US/Can summer tour 2nd song August leading up to R/L 3rd song either keep in the vault till album time or release in late fall to tide fans over while they record more or take more time off.
  5. According to this person who talked to Matt at Coachella on Friday, we can expect "a single coming out soon". But how soon is soon? Supposedly Matt said (or the fan hazily assumed) beginning of summer. That can be June 21st in a literal sense, but hoping for earlier than that, like say...oh...May 20th in West Palm Beach!
  6. Confirmed! http://www.eventtrk.com/events/19/life-is-beautiful/newsandrumors/73/life-is-beautiful-2017-announces-headliners-top-6
  7. Got my tickets! The presale actually worked!! Can't wait
  8. I got my password too! But now, let's see if that translates into actual tickets. Fine print somewhere says 100 presale tix per venue Edit- yay, got my tix!!! 7th row after pit (hubby's not into standing esp to endure 30STM). Presale tickets gone now for my gig.
  9. So, earlier today, Muse's official Instagram account followed 30Seconds to Mars & Pvris (never heard of them). Strange since Muse IG had only previously followed Matt, Dom & Chris & that's it. Took a look around & found this, posted yesterday: Grain of salt, & normally not believable, but that 30STM follow today....
  10. You wanna really cry at the sorry state of rock's popularity in today's music industry? Look here, at 4 actual Grammy voters revealing their secret ballots. No one seems to have any awareness of the ones nominated! So is there any surprise at the bizarre groupings in the rock album category? Full article- http://www.ew.com/article/2016/02/10/grammys-2016-secret-ballot
  11. It's not a stereotype. It's true. US has other music genres distracting potential concert-goers now, like country & hip-hop. Rock, especially hard rock, has been pushed down to minor niche status. Name an up & coming real rock band that can fill an arena now?- can't think of one. Lots of legacy bands, but no new superstars. So Muse delivers to their public. Can't fault them there. And with that said... 1) It's a crying shame that they are considering dropping Reapers. Being a new song, can't expect restless newbies to catch on immediately, but it's a killer song live! Plus if they wanna look at it from a business point of view, Reapers is the current US single, cracking the top 20 today in Active Rock. 2) Add in at least 2 songs. 17 songs is unacceptable- if they took the time & money to bring in that huge stage production, at least make it worth the while! Throw the hardcores a bone with a rarity (for US that's CE or Bliss) & maybe another piano song.
  12. Having 2 or 3 stages & double the crew like U2 can only help so much in a back-to-back situation. If there is an event at any venue the night before, Muse crew will have to wait till that other event is done & loaded out to start their 15-hour setup. That is the bigger problem.
  13. I so wish what you said there was true, but think you're being much too optimistic. I tend to go with what muse s'amuse is saying- just some limited dates in Jan- Feb in major markets before the grueling Euro tour. Sadly, the US doesn't sell very well for Muse- except NYC & LA- & Warner (or whoever is in charge of these things) has given no support whatsoever- no promo on late night or any other shows where much lesser bands have been. That 360 production looks very intensive (translate: expensive) & Muse might not want to lose money by playing to empty arenas. Such is life, & I'm one of the ones who get screwed.
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