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  1. I feel bad, i'm holding on to one wondering if I should buy it or not. I'll release it now, good luck!
  2. Decided last minute that I don't like Muse enough to go broke to see them anymore. Does this mean I'm getting old?
  3. Victoroy


    This. I kind of liked the beginning, but that hideous chorus I can't wait to hear this live though because I know I'll burst into hysterical laughter during the chorus
  4. i enjoy this album a lot more than TR, but it's still disappointingly average. I refuse to ever listen to Big Freeze ever again in my life. I may be overreacting but I really don't like that song
  5. Same for me. It's the only Muse song since KoC that I've had the undying urge to play on repeat. I love the vocal part between 4:10 and 4:15. Sounds so cool and dramatic to me for some reason.
  6. This would have been a nice birthday present to myself, but the code was invalid I wonder if the Muse people or Ticketweb people will find a way to fix this. It sounds like nobody has gotten tickets yet. Do you think they even know about the invalid code?
  7. nothing will load for me I guess i'll be going back to sleep...Congrats to anyone that got tickets! Judging by the comments here it sounds like nobody did
  8. http://muse.mu/news,new-shows-new-york-city-los-angeles_1640.htm I wish everyone the best of luck getting into this one...
  9. I feel your pain. I had to make some painful sacrifices to see Muse when I was at Syracuse University. I was on that peanut butter and jelly diet for a while...
  10. I imagine myself telling someone Muse is my favorite band and then this comes on the radio and I instantly turn red with embarrassment and try to turn back time or run away... This song is all cheese no nachos. This song will be the universal signal for a bathroom break at Muse gigs. I'm mostly joking but by the Gods...this song is not very good.
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