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    Showbiz (vinyl & cd), Origin of Symmetry (vinyl & cd), Hullabaloo Soundtrack, Absolution, Black Holes & Revelations, The Resistance, The 2nd Law cd+dvd, Drones cd+dvd,
    Hullabaloo dvd, Absolution Tour dvd, HAARP cd+dvd, Live at Rome cd+dvd
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    10.12.2012 Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland
    27.07.2013 Olympiastadion, Helsinki, Finland
    24.06.2015 Provinssi Festival, Seinäjoki, Finland
    14.06.2016 Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland
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  1. Showbiz - Showbiz - Muscle Museum - Sunburn Origin of Symmetry - Citizen Erased - Darkshines - Space Dementia Absolution - Butterflies & Hurricanes - The Small Print - Ruled by Secrecy Black Holes and Revelations - Map of the Problematique - Hoodoo - Knights of Cydonia The Resistance - MK Ultra - Exogenesis pt 3 - Exogenesis pt 2 The 2nd Law - Supremacy - Panic Station - Isolated System Drones - The Handler - Reapers - Aftermath (i'm pretty surprised how much this cheesy love song has hit me)
  2. Showbiz: Sunburn x2 Origin of Symmetry: Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Plug In Baby x3 Feeling Good Absolution: Apocalypse Please Time Is Running Out x3 Interlude + Hysteria x3 Stockholm Syndrome x3 Blackout Black Holes & Revelations: Supermassive Black Hole x3 Knights of Cydonia x3 Starlight x3 The Resistance: Uprising x3 Resistance x2 Undisclosed Desires x2 Guiding Light The 2nd Law: Supremacy x2 Follow Me x2 Madness x2 Panic Station x2 Animals x2 Survival x2 Liquid State x2 Explorers The 2nd Law: Unsustainable x2 The 2nd Law: Isolated System x2 Drones: Psycho Dead Inside The Handler Reapers Mercy Other songs: Agitated Yes Please
  3. joo olin b-stagen eturivissä chrisin puolella siinä portaiden lähettyvillä ite en ees muista kuvanneeni tota videota, olin niin shokissa siitä hetkestä lähtien kun matt alko laulaan agitatedia olin niin upee hetki ja taidan itekin siinä jonkin verran huutaa, en kyllä oikeen osaa tunnistaa ääntäni...
  4. mä en käy kovin usein täällä boardilla ja tähän threadiin oon kirjottanu vaan kerran ennen olympiastadionin keikkaa, mutta päätin nyt tulla sanoon jotain kun näyttää et täällä on paljon ihmisiä nyt keikan jälkeen kävin tääl kerran stalkkaamassa ja näin kun joku linkitti mun kuvaaman erittäin sekavan videon agitated + yes pleasesta ja sanoitte et se on teidän läheltä kuvattu? eli jotkut teistä oli varmaankin sitten mun lähellä siellä keikalla, en kehdannu silloin sanoa mut moikka vaan
  5. I just want Agitated and Yes Please proshots from Helsinki... and the whole Zepp gig also but whatever hopefully it's something interesting
  6. Muse are my favorite band, because they make perfect music for me and they have helped me get through various things. So glad I found them, it happened exactly when I needed it.
  7. I have already bought a ticket and it cost 20€, nearest cinema is an hour drive away and I went to a stadium show that had an awesome setlist so maybe I regret a bit for buying the ticket... whatever.
  8. There are screenings near me in small theaters yayyyy but tickets are 20 euros and it's not even 4K... and I'd like to go to bigger cinema in Helsinki but obviously I can't so must go alone and I'm probably the only fan there because no tickets sold yet
  9. I think Finland doesn't have either at least big ones... I must travel a couple of hours to see this, but worth it! I don't care about the quality so much, but so excited and hopefully this could help me to remember details from my gig better...
  10. my video of MWAH & Knights: I maybe could have fainted if the gig had been any longer, I was so tired because of queueing in the heat and all the standing, jumping and dancing. It felt much longer than the arena gig I was and it was so awesome, it was dark during the last songs! I'm a bit sad still they cut Bliss because I haven't heard it live, but Agitated and Yes Please were so fucking mental so really it doesn't matter at all
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