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  1. For me it's between T2L and Drones. But while T2L is merely forgettable, the aesthetic and some lyrics from Drones makes me actively cringe and not want to be a Muse fan so therefore it's gotta be Drones (even though it's got some better songs than T2L).
  2. Album of photos I had an awesome time, with the highlight of the show for me being Stockholm because I've been waiting forever to hear it live. I hope they don't wait another four years to come back
  3. Yup, got tix to the Melbourne show they were incredible when I saw them in 2014. Got to meet them as well since I went early
  4. I've been working on illustrating and animating all seven album covers. The rest are on my instagram
  5. zomuse


    Whenever I think about the song it eventually transitions into Lady Gaga's You and I the chord progression is one chord off and they have similar tempos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9YMU0WeBwU
  6. I've never been a fan of the Madness style vocals where it sounds like he's way too close up in my ear and trying way too hard to be smooth. It makes me cringe and want to prevent anyone else from ever hearing the song It seems like a lot of people hate the chorus but I'm actually enjoying the stompiness and the gospel. At least it was a reprieve from the verse vocals ughhh haha. If you take away the chorus the song would literally Madness. But anyway I like it. It's catchy! The last minute is obviously the best but like others have said it just doesn't feel big enough. It feels like it could be building to something but then the song ends abruptly. Though my first reaction (after surprise) was "glad they kept it short and sweet instead of dragging it out like Psycho".
  7. Gotta say, I can't believe you don't like MotP. That song is like peak Muse to me. What are your favourite songs then?
  8. There are dozens of us! Every once in a while, usually in line for a gig, I'll meet someone who's also a fan. TBH if someone knows more than just Uprising/SMBH, I'm already impressed. Doesn't happen often though. Welcome to the board! I lurk 99% of the time and it's pretty quiet here anyway since apparently NZ and the whole continent that is Australia don't count as part of the World Tour but anyway...
  9. I didn't know it was a cover when I started watching it and I loved that line I wanted so badly to believe he would write such an intentionally bad line.
  10. Yeah, I've had Death Cab's song stuck in my head for the last few days. Would be cool if Muse did it but Matt has a track record of cringy political lyrics......
  11. Random guess but it could be for the 30 Days 30 Songs project? Every day until the election a new anti-Trump song gets released Not all the contributing artists have been announced so it's possible.
  12. Ouch Oooh I didn't know there was a relic version. I like it more than the normal finish, though tbh I don't much like the drone design to begin with. The DR-1 is defs on my list, though I was planning to do the 00 because it seems to be the one that is used live?
  13. I sorta forgot Glastonbury was on and tuned in from the piano part of TG, and was thoroughly underwhelmed and resigned to the fact that maybe I was over Muse, but when I went back and saw SS I was like damn.........they can definitely still bring it. It's so frustrating that there's all the bullshit filler that kills the mood.
  14. ^ interesting idea, though I can't seem to find many photos of damaged guitars
  15. Cheers for the suggestions
  16. I'm planning on doing all of Matt's iconic Mansons, and compiling them in a video at the end. I'm working on the Keytar, Bomber, 007 and Doubleneck at the moment. I'll eventually get to the Laser, Delorean, Carbon, Mirror and probably a few others. I'm not actually sure which ones to include/leave out (I'm fairly sure I don't want to do every guitar he's ever used lol), so you can let me know which ones you want to see. http://zomuse.tumblr.com/tagged/guitars
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fB15wEuvtE
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