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  1. Seaking

    Turkey Update

    At least Muse are safe.
  2. So many posts. I mean I was kind of hoping Frakkles would go a bit more spasmo but I suppose he got calmer with age. Boo.
  3. Could you guys imagine being the kind of person that likes The Small Print more than Ruled By Secrecy. How can you even be this wrong?
  4. Showbiz: Showbiz has a few songs that are trash tier. I'll go with Filip because I didn't even want to waste four minutes of my life checking to see whether or not I think it's worse than Sober. Origin of Symmetry: Screenager. I really like Feeling Good on the album. Screenager is much better live though. Big fan of it on Hullabaloo. Absolution: I'll go with The Small Print. Too boring. Can't believe they picked this over Fury. Black Holes and Revelations: Exo-Politics for the same reason as TSP. Although the vocals in this song are good. The rest is boring. Resistance: Guiding Light. I think this one has been discussed to death. The 2nd Law: Save Me - Wow was this boring. At least I can enjoy Bellamy's voice in Big Freeze. Drones: Aftermath - this one was impressively boring. Like they went out of their way to make it boring.
  5. Going to drop some truth bombs on y'all. Showbiz: This one is easy peazy lemons squeazy Sober - Escape - Overdue. I like Escape but not even a reference to Canada can save Sober. Origin of Symmetry: Love pretty much the entire album but I have to put Screenager - Darkshines - Feeling Good. Darkshines and Feeling Good are great but Screenager brings it down. The rest of the album is too good. Absolution: Just as easy as Showbiz The Small Print - Endlessly - ToaDa. I like Endlessly but not a big fan of the other two. BH&R: Just as hard as OoS. It's hard to find a three track span where I don't at least like one song. Invincible - Assassin - Exo-Politics. I like Invincible and Assassin but not a fan of Exo-Politics. The live and GOB versions of Assassin are phenomenal but sadly they aren't on the album. The Resistance: USoE - Guiding Light - Unnatural Selection I considered Resistance - Undisclosed Desires - USoE but I settled on this one. I like USoE though. The 2nd Law: Big Freeze - Save Me - Liquid State All three of these songs are boring so it was an easy choice to me. Yes even the highly disappointing Explorers is less boring than Liquid State. Drones: Aftermath - The Globalist - Drones I thought of putting Revolt instead of Drones but I honestly don't know why Drones exists so I had to put it. It does nothing for me. Aftermath and the Globalist are disasters (one moreso than the other).
  6. Muse - Drones I finally decided to give this entire album a listen. I still had not heard 4 songs. Dead Inside Not as bad as I thought it was when I first heard it on the radio. It's a decent song. It can probably be grouped together with the other Queen-wannabe songs they have done. Drill Sergeant + Psycho This is just boring. The Psycho riff used to sound so great at the end of SS that it is honestly kind of disappointing to see how boring the song turned out. It could have been a good song but it is just too repetitive and long. Good chorus though. Mercy Muse rips off Muse. It is not bad but it is also not good. Muse has done pop-rock much better than this in the past. Reapers Not a fan of this song. It has parts that I like (Chorus and the solo starting around 3:20) though. I would like the song more without the end riff. I'm sure it's a monster live but I'm feeling it on the album. The Handler This is a good song. It does not knock my socks off at any point but overall it is a solid song that I enjoy. My favourite on the album (at the time of writing I still had not heard the entire album though. Will mention if it changes). I think Muse accomplished what they were trying to do with this song. Wish most of the album sounded like it. JFK + Defector What did JFK do to deserve this ... Nah I'm just joking. This song is in the decent to good range. Would have liked if the JFK part didn't leak into Defector at the end though. Revolt Do not like it but I do like the choruses. The chorus pulls off that kind of 80s cheese vibe that I think they were trying to go for. Even the lyrics in the chorus do a good job of complementing that. The verses are boring though. Aftermath Oh boy ... This is a first impression. Man that chanting in the background gives me a bad feeling about this song. Fuck it. I'm just going to stream of consciousness the rest of this album. Beginning reminds me of that Dire Straits song. Still has that Dire Straits feeling going on (oh yes the song is Brothers in Arms). Two minutes into the song and I still feel like I'm listening to the intro. Ok this is just a worse version of Brothers in Arms. It's just Matt and I against the world . I knew I was special. Nope. Nope. No no no no no no no. So Chris and Dom have axed really good songs in the past but somehow this makes it onto an album that is already over 50 minutes long :Muse: . I've already heard the Globalist and I did not like it (spoiler alert) but this is worse. Christ we are going to get a T2L style album collapse huh. The Globalist I wonder who did the whistling in this song. Anyways, whistling in songs (non-soundtrack ones that is) should have been outlawed after Hocus Pocus by Focus. They did it best. Shall never be beat. It isn't a Muse album without military style drums at one point. There is no reason for this song to exist. This song would be better without the first four minutes which are boring. I like this riff though. The melody at the end of this song reminds me of another Muse song. Can't remember which one. As a whole I'm not a fan of this song. I think it actually becomes enjoyable once the riff kicks in but the problem is I have to listen to almost five minutes of boring music to get there. Drones Nah. Do not dislike the idea of it but overall it isn't really worth listening to it. Overall, Muse lost their dinosaur. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8gY0IT0CuA They kept talking about returning to their roots but I guess they never considered whether or not they could pull it off. I was worried that it would happen. ( http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=10614091&postcount=5022 )
  7. How come switching to the T2L (the one labelled .mu v3) theme causes the width of the page to shrink?
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