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  1. I hope it works! Didn't see this until after I bought mine. There was a 4 ticket limit and I only bought one so, should be okay

  2. 1BD9441078 If this works use this!

  3. Hey Stewez,


    Im hoping you dont mindme asking, but is there any chance you could share the presale code with me.

    Have the Frontier code, but that is not until Monday and I am desperate to go.



  4. sorry wasn't planning on an essay hahahaha

  5. Yep, both nights barrier on Chris' side. Queuing all day was honestly the most fun I have ever had! I got there about 7:30 on Friday and met up with sunburnt-bliss and then made other friends during the day, and got a pretty awesome spot right in front of Chris' mic, then on Saturday I got there about 12:30 and hung out with mostly the same people, just talking and stuff :chuckle: only I lost my voice so talking was pretty difficult. Crowd near me on the second night were pretty annoying, had a tall bastard next to me on the barrier who I couldn't see past since he thought he'd lean over the barrier for most of it :chuckle: I lost a good spot because I had to stop and put my shoe back on before going down to the floor :( but overall it was so good. Queuing was so much better than I expected.

  6. Cool, were you on barrier for both nights? How was the queueing each day and the crowd near you?

  7. Agitated and Fury were so good! Loved Map as well. And CE the first night. I don't really mind the middle section really, as long as they bring in proper heavy stuff afterwards... in Adelaide, the soft section really never felt like it picked up again for the rest of the gig, whereas Melbourne night 1 had Animals, Stockholm Syndrome and Agitated that brought the energy back. Best two nights of my life to be honest.

  8. I stuck with my seats, cos was too hard to sell my ticket. Both nights were great though, agitated and fury ftw. Map was a highlight the second night. I can't help but feel let down by their middle section though, one piano song, and they continue to play gl and ud. Anyway sydney is my last chance for sunburn, its my favourite. I'm ga at least

  9. sorry man didn't even know you sent me a message! what did you end up doing? :)

  10. Hey mate. I may be standing but not sure yet. I have a seated ticket but may possibly get rid of if you know anyone who wants one. I'm pretty keen for GA cos have a feeling this gig may get some insane rarities

  11. Sorry, just noticed your message :chuckle: Thank you!

  12. Happy birthday :party:

  13. No problem,you're welcome.:happy:

  14. Haha, sorry, didn't notice this until just then xD cheers mate :D

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