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  1. I have no idea why but I keep thinking I’m about to hear Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss by Bloodhound Gang after the samples and the first seconds of the drum beat kicking in, not a good thing considering the topics of both songs are, uhh, rather different. I have been really enjoying this song though, especially with its strong finish and then backed up with Blockades in the context of the album.
  2. I was wondering the same thing, I think Spiral Static was his lowest recorded note, a quick comparison using Spotify just now made me think TV was lower but I could be wrong. Either way, one of of my favourite moments vocally.
  3. No idea how this link will go but Matt just posted a video of himself playing SH solo acoustic.
  4. I just bought tickets to one in Adelaide, about 4 hours drive for me. Basically had my pick of whatever seats I wanted in the cinema as no one else had booked any, and that was roughly 7 hours after I checked the first time when they went on sale.
  5. Might as well update mine now that I won't be seeing a show for the next 4 years Showbiz Sunburn Origin of Symmetry New Born x2 Bliss Plug in Baby x5 Citizen Erased x2 Feeling Good Absolution Time is Running Out x5 Stockholm Syndrome x3 Hysteria x4 Black Holes Take a Bow Starlight x5 Supermassive Black Hole x5 Map of the Problematique x3 Knights of Cydonia x5 The Resistance Uprising x5 Resistance x3 Undisclosed Desires x4 United States of Eurasia x2 Guiding Light x2 Unnatural Selection Exogenesis: Part 1 The 2nd Law Supremacy x3 Madness x4 Panic Station x3 Survival x3 Follow Me x3 Animals Explorers Liquid State x2 Unsustainable x3 Isolated System x4 Drones Psycho Mercy The Handler The Globalist Others Dig Down Agitated Fury Nishe New Kind of Kick
  6. So we got The Handler instead of Dead Inside. To me though once they hit the solo which Matt inevitably stuffed up, his voice kinda sucked through the last part. Other than that it was good fun. Enjoyed somehow watching one of the balloons become undone and blast off into the roof
  7. Nearly certain I still saw SS on the setlist.
  8. I'm seated at the moment and just had crew in front of me checking the setlist. From what I could pick it's the same as the Sydney show with The Handler thrown in but didn't pick the position in the set
  9. Nice, which side? I'm Row A very close to the stage on Matt's side.
  10. Maybe it’s because I haven’t heard Matt sing live for a while but his voice is a bit shit too, he is struggling to even sing Hysteria
  11. The fact Showbiz made it to Japan gives me hope it might end up in the Australian setists next month...
  12. Yeah not getting much from the social media, MOTP, Madness and PiB all in there somewhere.
  13. I am also going to Melbourne. Shame they’re not playing at the Corner Hotel again, like they did for their Soundwave sideshow, so awesome seeing them in such a tiny venue. Speculation is that they’re also playing Download Festival in Melbourne around the same time.
  14. I've actually never sat top level in the gigs I've been to there but seat maps from google all say that that is correct, so I think BB would be 2nd row in the top level, yes. Google RL seat maps and you'll probably even be able to find your seat.
  15. Not at Rod Laver, seats start at A and go up from there, AA comes after Z.
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