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Ultimate Backstage Experience


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I guess I wasn't the only one who found out a simple work around:


setup_balls = function(e, t) {

var n;

n = e.length;

while (--n) {

//balls.push(new Ball(n, e[n]._id));

$.ajax({url: "/ticket_click",type: "post",data: {id: e[n]._id},cache: !1,success: function(e) {

},error: function() {




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What the hell? I was on the page as the clock counted down and it didn't refresh for me at all. :mad:


Now it's all done for the day in the matter of a minute and I didn't get to click on anything.


same for me :mad: , or i didn't understand, when i press sign with facebook , then refresh and then starts the countdown again :mad:

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It kept saying "waiting for game setup" or something and I click a few times before and it said 6/10 chances and I don't even know :confused: I didn't see any orbs I just saw a blank screen


Same here. And I didn't even click yet, but my click number kept wildly fluctuating between 1 and 10. So weird. I just wanted to play the gaaame! :'(

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My number of clicks allowed never went down....although I was clicking alot. I didn't really see 'orbs' though, it looked like some random screensaver with ADD. I kept seeing red "x" things all over. That....was weird. Can ANYONE confirm that it worked for them? I guessing 10 people MUST have got the entries.:confused:

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