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  1. Dig Down and NKOK are still dogshit. Plus TaB and B&H got far more reaction than NKOK. What a weird performance that was, Matt wasn't even on stage? Better than Oakland 2015, which left a bad taste in my mouth. Take a Bow was wonderful, I'm very happy to have heard that song now!
  2. I'm in. Shit, I bought the cheapest ticket for that gig since I'm not expecting anything monumental anymore. Now I'm getting hopeful dammit!
  3. What's the point of rehearsing these songs if they don't play it at least a couple times? Spread them out to the next upcoming gigs. Carry Glorious over to Shoreline Amphitheater next month. Please oh my god.
  4. With all the hype about the Webster gig tonight, I'm gonna get desperate and throw out that I'd really love a ticket for the Mayan if anyone knows someone who has an open +1 ticket. Not willing to throw out thousands of bucks, but offers can be made...
  5. This is too good to be true. My last day of school is the 11th, talk about good timing! So excited right now!
  6. I can imagine the controversy if this happened. As much as I'd like for it to be board only to stop scalpers, there are lots of Muse fans on twitter, for example, that don't like to use the board who would obviously feel cheated. Name and ID is the best way to go, IMO.
  7. Oakland was removed from the list of theatres on muse.mu, too. :'(
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