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  1. ah can fell you , the only shows i went where in US, with undisclosed desires play it in both gigs i think ,
  2. Happy for you, I couldn't get tickets for Madrid since it always has said that standing tickets are sold out in Ticketmaster, was looking for them in StubHub but they are $137 a single ticket, I will still trying!
  3. me too, but to expensive for me England , one day I'll see them there, I choose rome and madrid because I know the crowd will be good
  4. did you get tickets for madrid?
  5. have standing tickets for rome , and couldn't get madrid this time hopefully later can get one
  6. As regular, I think I'll buy standing tickets for both, since the crowd in both places are so good
  7. i dont know but maybe we can start in twitter or instagram maybe if we are lucky they'll see it
  8. same here, my first gigs were in the US , will try to go to Rome and Madrid next year since I've never been to Europe
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