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  1. lũy của gia đình, cộng với v mua nam ngoc cau rung ên 20 ha và coi đây l

    uyết tâm tìm hiểu kỹ cách tr bán chuối hột rừng khô

    2014, sau 8 tháng, t sâm cau rừng à coi đây là một trong n ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    ích Tam thất anh trồng đã chmua bán cây đinh lăng

    biết thêm, đến tháng 10 địa chỉ mua tam thất ở hà nội ia đình, cộng với vốn vay

    5 tấn củ tươi. Nếu bán vớ mua bán cây ba kích vốn tích lũy của gia đì

  2. My mum lives in Norway so it looks like I'll be going to this one as well as Manchester in April! Does anyone know how long the gigs take to sell out in Norway, presale and non presale? Thanks!
  3. Can't judge Aftermath at the moment because it's a beautiful piece of music but it doesn't really stick out to me as amazing yet I absolutely loved it and have done since the leak of the making-of video. The solo does things to me
  4. Dead Inside - solid opener, fantastic vocals, 9/10 Psycho - great, but a bit repetitive, 8/10 Mercy - again it's great but middle section is a bit cheesy, 8/10 Reapers - probably best song since Absolution in my opinion, unbelievable 10/10 The Handler - same as Reapers, it's up their with their best 10/10 [JFK] - great interlude Defector - fucking class, 10/10 Revolt - hilarious but fun and decent, 7/10 Aftermath - pretty good but doesn't sound like Muse, will have to listen to it a few more times. Globalist - a lot better on the second listen, 8 or 9/10 Drones - not quite sure what to make of it yet All in all, solid album. First half better than the second and Reapers through Defector is some of the best stuff they've ever put out. Best moment is probably the Defector solo.
  5. Someone put a tweet up saying they were selling a ticket, and I respond in 20 seconds. She doesn't reply all day, doesn't message me at all, and then gives it to some kid who tweeted her 5 hours after I did Then she had the cheek to tell me she'd "sold it to a mate", when she never even knew the person Who messaged you? I'll enter a bidding war hahaa
  6. I saw so many for Barras, Exeter and Newport the day before the gig but there's only been 2 for Manchester
  7. Ah ok, thanks! Did they but barriers around the main queue to stop people queue jumping? Sorry for the questions, just I might need to know for tomorrow !
  8. Did everyone meet them in the queue or by the bus entrance or whatever?
  9. Mad French fans that go to all the gigs - https://twitter.com/French_Musers Camp out from early morning and apparently started a raffle ticket system for queuing or some shit
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