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I had a little go... Even decided to dig out my old account from like 3 years ago to post it... xD Enjoy.













The sandcastle represents entropy. Good ol' Brian Cox used it as an example of the fact that the sandcastle will eventually crumble but could never reassemble itself.

The castle represents the government... all tucked away in their homely little castle, safe from... everything...

The lightning symbolises aggression towards the government. On the artwork the lightning is striking the castle. Like uprising... kinda.

The Muse logo represents Muse.

The colour represents orange.

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Some very impressive artworks.


The snowy landscape one was really cool and Olly provided an array of awesome ones.


But the pink elephant is the best. I mean, an economy based on endless growth maybe unsustainable but an economy based on pink elephant poop is certainly sustainable. :chuckle:

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