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  1. Muscle Museum Showbiz Unintended New Born x4 Bliss x4 Space Dementia Hyper Music Plug in Baby x8 Citizen Erased x4 Micro Cuts x2 Screenager Darkshines Feeling Good x3 Megalomania Dead Star x3 Futurism x2 Time is Running Out x7 Sing for Absolution Stockholm Syndrome x5 Interlude x5 Hysteria x7 Blackout Butterflies and Hurricnaes Ruled by Secrecy Take a Bow x2 Starlight x6 Supermassive Black Hole x7 Map of the Problematique x2 Assassin x2 Knights of Cydonia x8 Uprising x7 Resistance x3 Undisclosed Desires x4 United States of Eurasia x2 Guiding Light Unnatural Selection x2 MK Ultra Overture Supremacy Madness x3 Panic Station Survival Follow Me Animals Liquid State Unsustainable x2 Isolated System x2 Dead Inside x2 [Drill Sergeant] Psycho x4 Mercy x3 Reapers x3 The Handler x2 [JFK] The Globalist Algorithm Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version) The Dark Side Pressure Propaganda Breat It to Me Thought Contagion Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version) Agitated x2 Yes Please Nishe Fury Easily Glorious Pray (Playback) Helsinki Jam MK Jam Monty Jam Munich Jam x3 Houston Jam Dracula Mountain "Metal Medley"
  2. 1. Algorithm 2. Pressure 3. Uprising 4. Pyscho 5. Break It To Me 6. Hysteria 7. Knights of Cydonia 8. The Void 9. Unsustainable 10. Propaganda 11. Plug In Baby Pray 12. The Dark Side 13. Map of the Problematique 14. Supermassive Black Hole 15. Thought Contagion 16. Time Is Running Out 17. Madness/Dig Down/Mercy/Starlight/Follow Me shortened mashup 18. Overture (Trapped in God's program is a perfect fit for Matt's current topic) 19 + 20. Any 2 out of The Handler, MK Ultra, Blockades 21. Stockholm Syndrome 22. Take a Bow
  3. Clearly the american express thing is another exclusive like O2 Priority.
  4. Just got mine, you need to go here http://click.e.wbr.com/?qs=3adc884fa7e0ca052f66c81d5c77d7da4a961359ec788798d377ac5de8c8c444dd0fd309c015fe728c42eb1a8f205b6c6ce41562b937c4c9 (The link in the fan club email, then click fan club mailing lit pre sale) I was trying the password they sent me for ages and it said it was working and unlocked tickets for sale but they stayed locked. I just tried SIMULATION as the code instead and it actually unlocked them for sale. How hard is it to set this stupid sale up ticketmaster?
  5. Really hope MK Ultra is the focus of a new fan campaign to revive it. We've succeeded with CE and Bliss in Resistance era, Dead Star for T2L, and they threw everything atthe wall for the Psycho tour and even then we said it wasn't enough and got Assassin and Showbiz multiple plays not to mention all the othe one offs at the fan setlist gigs. It can be done.
  6. It'll do Algorithm The Dark Side Pressure Supermassive Black Hole MK Ultra Map of the Problematique Bliss Butterflies and Hurricanes The Void Unsustainable Propaganda Thought Contagion Time Is Running Out Knights of Cydonia Blockades The Handler Stockholm Syndrome Take a Bow
  7. A Dark Side club night to accompany the Something Human one I did on the last page. Micro Cuts Defector New Born Exo Politics Muscle Museum Butterflies and Hurricanes Sunburn Dead Inside The Dark Side Big Freeze Uno Bliss Citizen Erased Take a Bow City of Delusion Nature_1 Knights of Cydonia
  8. Take a Bow In Your World (TaB distortion into Hullabaloo version) Bliss Shrinking Universe MK Ultra Map of the Problematique + Who Knows Who + Beartooth's Always Dead Outro Citizen Erased Something Human City of Delusion Easily Butterflies and Hurricanes Space Dementia Hyper Music Assassin Stockholm Syndrome Falling Away with You Showbiz + Ashamed
  9. Another one of those small venue by request shows, because why would I make any other kind of setlsit now? Defector Hyper Music MK Ultra Thought Contagion Map of the Problematique Muscle Museum Crying Shame Butterflies and Hurricanes Jazz Cave New Born The Handler Citizen Erased Showbiz / Ashamed Riffs Falling Away With You Uno Bliss Assassin Stockholm Syndrome
  10. Le Gai Paris Reapers Dead Star MK Ultra The Handler Map of the Problematique Easily Showbiz Citizen Erased Space Dementia I Belong to You Butterflies and Hurricanes City of Delusion Fury Assassin Falling Away With You Thought Contagion Uno Stockholm Syndrome
  11. Exo Politics Shrinking Universe The Groove Redemption City of Delusion
  12. So glad to be avoiding the inevitably high price and the stress of the ticket sale this time but really glad the'yre doing this again. I'm sure the reults will be pretty similar though maybe a bit less wild if everyone has to narow down to 5.
  13. Knights of Cydonia Shrinking Universe Uno Exo Politics Assassin Defector City of Delusion Butterflies and Hurricanes Hoodoo Apocalypse Please New Born The Handler Time Is Running Out Supermassive Black Hole Bliss Citizen Erased Showbiz + Ashamed Stockholm Syndrome
  14. Song's I've seen etc Take a Bow Supremacy Dead Star Hyper Music MK Ultra Map of the Problematique Showbiz Fury Glasto 04 Jam + Butterflies and Hurricanes Citizen Erased Ruled By Secrecy Screenager Easily Darkshines Bliss Megalomania Unnatural Selection Space Dementia Assassin Agitated / Yes Please Stockholm Syndrome
  15. What I'd most want to see atm Dracula Mountain circa 2004 Assassin Hyper Music MK Ultra Exo Politics Shrinking Universe The Groove Citizen Erased Apocalypse Please Space Dementia Darkshines Crying Shame Muscle Museum Bliss Showbiz The Handler Stockhom Syndrome Take a Bow
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