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  1. Gutted :'(. He's designed several of my favorite album covers ever.
  2. Congratulations! Amazing video. Why is the video unlisted on Youtube though?
  3. The Chili Peppers recorded and sold the audio to all/most of their gigs on their website on the last tour. http://www.livechilipeppers.com/ Say what you want about the band, but I think this is a fantastic idea and would love it if Muse followed suit.
  4. If you own The Resistance on CD, just open the booklet to the page with Exogenesis' lyrics. Problem solved.
  5. ! I hope they do come and do a proper show this time around.
  6. This, so much. The simple drums keep the song grounded in that 4/4 groove while the guitar keeps playing on the offbeats making it sound so fucking immense. Perfect choice of drum pattern, in my opinion. He doesn't do anything fancy, but adds so much to the song in doing so. I admit he could get a more creative with his fills, but otherwise it's perfect.
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