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  1. damn, sorry for not responding!

    The animes I've been watching are Death Note (hadn't watched it before, watched the whole thing. It's so fucking amazing, jfc), Samurai Champloo (hilarious) and Naruto.


    And nah, I didn't get a life, all my life was just transferred from the interwebz to school-related things.

    And you? How are things on your end?

  2. which animes?


    Where have you been either way? Did you have a life? Disappointing, kev.

  3. Aw, why meh?

    I'm alright, I guess. Pretty bored though :chuckle: I've just been spending my days watching animes.

    I know! After that died I kind of lost touch with most people, which is quite unfortunate.

  4. Kinda meh, really. You?

    Dude we haven't been talking since like... Sounds Of The Car. :LOL:

  5. Woah. I am?

    It's been a while, how have you been?

  6. Kev is roaming the boards again!

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