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    MUSE at Sydney, ACER Arena, 9/12/2010
  1. I love it, but I feel that if they had a more Hoodoo style third act as opposed to USoE, it would have worked a whole lot better.
  2. My vote goes to Hoodoo, the lyrics are hauntingly beautiful. I have had recurring nightmares That I was loved for who I am And missed the opportunity To be a better man.
  3. Instead of being the riff I hope it's the breakdown. A song with a breakdown THAT good has to be incredible. Personally I'm really excited for what I'm assuming is the title track, Drones. Just listen to that riff... holy shit
  4. I hated it at first, the lyrics are terrible, the drill sergeant bit is cringe-worthy, it's repetitive and the riff isn't enough to hold the entire song up - but now I actually really like it. Pro tip - remove the intro and don't watch the video, it's 100 times better. I would have preferred it to progress more as it's an underdeveloped 6 minute song that doesn't really go anywhere, but it's a fun song nontheless with a great riff and some nonsensical lyrics. To enjoy it you just have to not take it seriously. I honestly feel like Matt wrote it to mess with us/as a joke, with the tone of the intro and the lyric video it builds itself to be this dead serious heavy rock song but in reality it's not that at all. Like a Panic Station level of seriousness. Just look at the makeup on the drill sergeant and the lyrics "Super Drone" (which is hilarious) and the really well sung part that you unknowingly sing along to "Your ass belongs to me now". It's not a serious song at all. Taken through that lens it's quite enjoyable.
  5. Last night was AMAZING!! Met a bunch of awesome people lining up (no. 120-135 ish) and then we all got right in front of the catwalk platform one person from barrier. Couldn't have picked a better spot. The whole show was immense. I ALMOST got to touch Matt when he came down for Undisclosed Desires. I had an unbelieveable time. They played motherfucking Butterflies and Hurricanes. They played it. I'm happy.
  6. Phew!! That's a massive relief hahaha, I thought someone had stolen them in the mail... Thank you so much for that news!
  7. Has anyone received their tickets yet? Mine haven't arrived yet but I live on campus at my uni so something might have happened :S And everyone else I know on campus that are going haven't gotten their yet either.
  8. Those threads were the best. I think the Acer one stayed on the front page for almost 2 years Haha, you're just like me during the last concert! 16, first concert I ever went to. You'll have a blast. The mosh pit was so intense I lost my friends before Uprising (the first song) finished, but I was having such a euphoric time that I didn't care. I don't have any tips for travel but when you're in the mosh pit just go with the flow! I ended up right in front of Chris by the time I was halfway through the show.
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