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  1. Hi Olly! How are you?

  2. Happy Birthday Olly. I hope you have fun because its your birthday, I will be thinking of you when I'm having fun, I always do.

  3. And a bit like Poliwag.

  4. Have you ever noticed that ollyog sounds a bit like gollywog?

  5. Hey Olly, I just found your website/blog thing from the april fools (or lack of it) thread. The stuff on there is incredible and I had no idea you did so much stuff! Half of it I was really tempted to download as wallpapers. Do you do all that for free or does someone pay you fuckloads? :p Oh yeah and I never did find the TARDIS or the man holding the balloon in one of them...

  6. Hi did you get my PM? When I look on sent messages it isn't there so just wondering if you got it.. :)

  7. hi there, was wondering if you knew why the Musewiki was down, if it is, or if it's just my internet. Cheers!

  8. Fantastic idea, go for it!

  9. Hi Olly,


    I have a suggestion for the "Muse in the Media" thread - I'm asking you as you seem to be active in there (closed a thread recently) and I wasn't sure if Popey would be active in here as he's "retired".


    There's been 4 posts recently about Muse in the Australian Media. I was wondering with the Australian Tour imminent if I could start a "Muse in the Australian Media" thread and start it off by putting links to all these articles in there. There's bound to be more media over the coming weeks - I thought it might make more sense to have it all in the same spot. We used to have a Muse in the Aus. Media thread until it got turned into a chat room by some younger Musers - which was closed thankfully! What do you think? Just wanted to check first as I know you don't want duplication. Thanks, Clair

  10. thanks Olly I agree with everything in the message which you sent me.


    And you are right (despite not meaning it to) the 'muse fans are changing' thread was getting out of hand to the point that I had stopped looking/posting myself as I thought it was starting to turn a little personal, and kind of wayward to the original point.


    ...at least I properly know you a a moderator when I keep seeing your name pop up everywhere over threads - oh, one final point how do you actually become a moderator?

  11. http://board.muse.mu/showgroups.php


    I am a moderator. Your first thread was closed due to one being already available on the same subject and the other turned into arguing and would only continue to do so. We have had threads similar to that before which only caused trouble, hence I closed it before it got out of hand. If you find what I did to be wrong then please don't hesitate to contact an Admin of the board who can deal with the matter further.

  12. um... exactly who are you? all you seem to do is go around closing threads like they are going out of fashion - and then all I read is people getting annoyed because you have closed this thread and that thread.


    according to your profile you are a graphic design student and no mention of a forum moderator?

  13. Thats fine but my thread was specifically relating to the stage and how it worked not gig/stage in relation to stage.

    I understand rules relating to 'duplicate' threads, but didnt feel that on searching my thread was covered properly by any other.


    thanks for you links

  14. The majority of talk about the stage has been created in the individual gig threads when people have gone to see the stage at the gig. The other main one is here: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=74254

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