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  1. 'You Fucking Motherfucker' And you have to 'pump' everytime Matt says 'fuck'. Plus, you need to have a big grin and stare off into the distance when you do it. Teehee.
  2. Favourite Songs Ever Amazing Great Meh Bad Showbiz Sunburn Showbiz Cave Overdue Falling Down Spiral Static Muscle Museum Uno Sober Unintended Hate This and I'll Love You Fillip Escape OoS Bliss Futurism New Born Space Dementia Hyper Music Plug In Baby Citizen Erased Dark Shines Feeling Good Micro Cuts Screenager Megalomania Absolution Sing For Absolution Blackout Fury Stockholm Syndrome Butterflies and Hurricanes The Small Print Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Hysteria Falling Away With You Ruled by Secrecy Apocalypse Please Time is Running Out Endlessly BHaR Glorious City of Delusion Assassin Knights of Cydonia Take a Bow Supermasive Black Hole Map of the Problematique Exo-Politics Invincible Hoodoo Starlight Soldier's Poem The Resistance Undisclosed Desires United States of Eurasia Unnatural Selection MK Ultra Exogensis Part 1 Exogensis Part 3 Uprising Exogensis Part 2 Resistance I Belong To You Guiding Light The 2nd Law Animals Liquid State Isolated System Supremacy Big Freeze Panic Station Survival Unsustainable Follow Me Save Me Explorers Madness Drones The Handler Reapers Defector Psycho Mercy The Globalist Revolt Dead Inside Drones Aftermath
  3. I'm so disappointed that the Making Of was so short. Something I really look forward to watching with each new Muse album. Maybe if it hadn't have leaked months ago it wouldn't be so bad. The live stuff is cool, but as other people have said, would be even better with all the rare stuff they played on that tour. Bit of a shame really.
  4. Have people listened to the XFM track-by-track interview? Some great info in there! A few notable points: - Revolt was originally written on piano and made to sound like a musical. - Psycho was about 2 mins long but Mutt wanted them to jam out the song so it was longer. - Matt says 'babe' in Reapers so that the lyrics can be related to both relationships and actual drone warfare. - Aftermath was written with Mutt's music taste in mind. -Dom cut his sleeves on his jumpsuit because he wanted to show off his biceps.
  5. I think they were being sarcastic, bud.
  6. This song is greaaaat! I never want to put it on but when it comes up I just wanna dance and yell 'YOU CAN REVOOOLT'. It lifts my mood so much as well. Haha!
  7. Whenever I go to listen to the album now I start at Reapers, haha! I've definitely over listened the first 3 tracks. Fuck me, though. This is a great album. Hopefully we'll get more Reapers/Handler style/quality tracks on the next one! EDIT: Is this the most marmite Muse album yet?
  8. Drones is a great album for me, especially after T2L. I can actually listen to the album in order from start to finish without wanting to skip anything. First time since BH&R. Reapers and The Handler are incredible. I enjoy Revolt, Dead Inside and Mercy. Defector, Psycho and The Globalist are also great. Aftermath and Drones are the only real ones I could live without, but even so, they're good pieces of music and have grown on me a lot. Fabri says it's the worst album. That means nothing. For me it's their best and most focused work since BH&R (or maybe even Abso). Also, welcome back Fabri.
  9. Ahh, fair enough. I was under the impression it was a cover as I haven't really listened to the actual Ennio track more than once.
  10. Oh wow, love all of them! So much more inspired than everything from TR and T2L! EDIT: The Drones (song) one is my favourite. EDIT 2: No credit for Ennio Moricone given... Weird.
  11. Live video from Exeter soundcheck can be found on Vimeo now! I guess I can't post a link.
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