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  1. Yeah that confused me...ever such a slight timing blip at the very beginning trying to tie in with the click track but I thought I had got it pretty spot on...I think there was a slight jump in the audio at one point so maybe that was it?? Like to know so I can improve if it was about us.
  2. Panic Station live at The Sound Circus, Bournemouth..Sorry about the video quality..its properly shocking.. but the audio is pretty good and considering this was our first time playing it live and probably only about our 7th time ever playing it we have to be pretty happy with the way this is one going..Great addition to the set. Surprised at the reception it got as the album had only been out 2 weeks.... hVMAj30J9ZU
  3. My bass cover of Animals..I have to say I think this is really good..and I am not usually that big headed...Take a look and see what you think.. [media]q683MMp9S9Q[/YT]
  4. First go at it..gets a bit pacey..but then with a track this good its hard to hold back...Hope you like it. jxKRQA-0fnk
  5. I agree the whole is bigger than the individual. I have just seen a lot of bands fall into the trap of mimicking other influences and styles too closely when left to their own devices. I listened to Madness again and still think the melody and vocals are great but feel they could have done with some outside input into the backing track. Too much U2 guitar and queen harmonies. I know chord progressions are always going to get copied through time but the breakdown into the guitar solo and the sound of the guitar is "I want to break free" and unless they really were aiming at a blatant Homage to Queen, I think this is where a good producer comes in to steer the ship back, give different options and keep the sound inescapably Muse.
  6. Really interesting comments on here so far. I am interested to know In what way do you think the production was bad on BH and R?
  7. Like the rest of you we have been eagerly awaiting the new album. We (Hypermused) get a lot of people asking our opinions on new stuff..which songs are more fun to play..which are the hardest....what do you reckon to the Olympic song....can you get us standing tickets to the O2 in Oct...(Really we only just got some ourselves and can't wait..) etc...and like the rest of you we are huge fans of the band..it's why we tribute them. But we saw and heard a lot of negative comments around the UK after the release of The Resistance with the direction of the music and the use of further electronic music being added. This seems to be compounding itself hugely with the songs that have made it into the public arena off the 2nd law. We have watched the band go through producers and the way their input has moulded the sound and by the end of Absolution and Black Holes I thought they had really hit on something special with regards to quality of writing and uniqueness of sound, I think largely due to Costeys influence. I totally understood that the band wanted to self produce an album...as a musician having someone constantly over your shoulder putting the brakes on stuff can be infuriating at times. With Matt wanting to get his Exo Genesis work on an album I think it was important that they did their own production..to my mind something so personal needed to not be held back in anyway. So we forgave them for the over bombastic, and tongue in cheek, super harmonies on the like of United States of Eurasia...but as a band and fans we were hoping that this nod to Queen had been thrashed out of the system. Clearly not with the arrival of Survival and now Madness. The thing that I think is a real shame is that, despite me not particularly liking Madness (the song not the band) I actually think the vocals are superb and the melody line is great...it's just the backing track that lets it down with a huge thump of "I want to break free" and "Found what I'm looking for"...I fear this is all part of the problem of self production. Sometime you need someone sat on your shoulder going "really..you really want to sound like that!" It could be that Muse want to acknowledge great acts in their music and tip them the nod but I can't help but think that if they had had Mr Costey or similar in there shoving the brakes on and guiding them back to their own sound, which is epic enough, that the two new songs, and some of Resistance..could really have been unique and outstanding prog rock/pop that we have come to love from the guys. I wonder if you guys feel the same or not? Maybe they should get back to a named producer on their albums or do you think that the new direction the band has taken enhances them as song writers and gives them a new and exciting take on their music? Love to know what you think and whether Survival and Madness has you screaming for the new album or will have you potentially screaming at the new album?
  8. Dudge


    Hi I wrote this the other night on Bass and keys..liked the groove and played it to some friends etc and got some good feedback so thought I would post it up here and see what you guys and girls think..not Muse at all but this is an "off topic creativity" thread so I hope this is the right place..really hope you all like it...still a work in progress so any ideas and I am all ears. Cheers Carl (bass Hypermused) [soundcloud] [/soundcloud]
  9. Lush...Thanks thats dead easy! MOTP Backing track for live use by Hypermused [soundcloud] [/soundcloud]
  10. Cool. How did you embed your soundcloud file...code or is it more simple than that? Cheers
  11. Hi I posted this as there are a lot of people interested in Chris' bass sound for PIB. I don't profess to have nailed it at all but my sound works really well live. So I have recorded it (1 take) Into logic and laid the original underneath then dropped the original track in and out so you can compare. I run a bi amp system and so I have also isolated each of my 2 bass signals at different points so you can hear what is going on. If you want any info or have questions drop me a line.. You will see what I mean if you listen to it.. The sound you hear is exactly what comes out of my two outputs on my pedalboard with no tweaking at all in Logic...both channels were recorded simultaneously. Hope you like it and find it interesting. [soundcloud] [/soundcloud]
  12. This is the start of our MOTP backing track for using live. There is bass and drums on here which will be taken out for live use. No guitar or vocals on this version. There is a little bit of work needed as one of the synth lines tends to wander in and out..but this will be edited out for the final version. This track is written from scratch by me...as you can hear the guitar effect is replicated using synth sounds..and is actually really close to the original sound that Matt gets.Ideally in a live situation we would use something like the Molten midi as it will alter the actual sound of Pauls guitar and so will be much more "real" . Hope you like..comments or questions welcomed..
  13. I'm with Lozo on this one..I was going to recommend the Molten midi 2..there is also a vid on there that shows exactly how easy it is to program as well. We have covered both bases for playing live as we are adding this to our set. I have programmed the guitar effect in logic to run with our backing track in case the Molten Midi doesn't work as we hope live. I will stick our backing track (work in progress not finished yet) on soundcloud...I have put down a rough bass and drum part to it to make sure that it all works....Live the drums and bass will be removed obviously...see what you think..
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