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Found 6 results

  1. Ok, Time to Start a fresh!!!!! But lets try and keep it a lil more organised This time let have Band name -Followed by url/site addy And then list of songs? Ok lets go! ---------------------------------------------------- Ki Kame - www.ki-kame.com here are some short samples of our stuff. [] Preacher [] A Guernican Relation --------------------------------------------------- Lets try an keep em all like this. Its just easier to see stuff. AHhhhh tiz up to yourselves EDIT (2022) I finally got access back to this account. Also feel free to check out another band I play in called Codes. Our second album AALTARS is available on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0IPPWmKHIsbXSTkpAjEvxn?si=WYoWbrkyTOqQyjh0p9u-sA
  2. Hi guys I am trying to reach someone from Muse to check out my band Heartfield. I was hoping that we would maybe have the opportunity to play as a support act.. What do you guys think? Link to my band: https://myheartfield.bandcamp.com/album/follow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvfkNjiRaTCjvi8CjyVVUYw
  3. Hey everyone, I actually haven't been on here in a while (personal shizz) but, seeing as my band have an EP out next week, I thought I'd share and see if any fellow Musers would be interested. Got a big launch night in East London on Saturday 21st July too with some awesome support and a copy of the EP for only a fiver. Check us out pleeeease. (We need the support!!) http://www.facebook.com/staticmusic3 http://www.static-music.bandcamp.com \m/
  4. hey guys, I recently bumped into this group that I really like and now got to see their video. I think this song was heavily inspired by MUSE, what do you think? cheers!
  5. First prize Muse sings their song on their next record + touring with Muse! Second Prize Band gets to tour with Muse. Third prize Flying tickets (including hotel) from anywhere around the world + concert + meet the band and chat. Rules: 1. The song should be original but Sound like Muse - instrumentally and vocally. 2. Records to be inspired from - Showbiz, Origin, Hullabaloo, Absolution, Black holes. Note: The new records are nice but The sound is not as unique as the first ones. 3. This forum will choose the hundred finalists. 4. Judges for hundred finalists - Muse themselves. 5. Anyone worldwide can enter via soundcloud link. Better than Youtube because only the song and sound are being judged. 6. No submission fee! Who's with us? Here is our original and first candidate, for now on Youtube, Bring yours too! Note: This is just an idea, not an official declaration, but if enough people want it, together, maybe we can make it happen!
  6. If you are not familiar with TelOnU.com - it is basically like the Yelp of companies, schools and celebrities. I started a section on Muse, so fans have a place to rank and rant about them: http://www.telonu.com/reviews/muse-8?nt=26221&type=Tells My initial post was: 'Great band live. Their last CD was OK, the one before that was better, but all the songs sound much better live then on the CD's. The CD's sound a little boring, but the songs are speed up and transformed into real rockers when played live.'
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