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Found 55 results

  1. I had a very weird dream that Dom was playing Apocalypse Please for me on the piano, and he sucked! I just wanted to share that..
  2. I went to wicksteed park today website here and whilst i was on the 'astroglide' i could hear all of absolution being played in the 'laser tag arena'......twas great!!!! lol ...i have also heard apocalypse please being played in Topman/Topshop in peterborough .....so that leads me to the question: 'Where have YOU heard muse being played?"
  3. Simple.. Post your favourite quotes from muse songs.. From any album. Please say like, what song and album you got it from. Fun
  4. (First post) Just wondered what everybody thought about this song? I thought it sounded like U2, but the solo was kinda reminisant of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, but with more distortion. I think this one could be great live!
  5. Searched through the forum, couldn't find a thread title with this. Anyways, what do you think is the most overrated Muse song?
  6. Ok, I know there was a misheard lyrics thread on the board that died but as it was one of my favorite threads and that I'm sure that there are more misheard lyrics, don't be embarrassed and share them so we can all laugh at our deafness! Ok so let's start. "It wont be long, before I disturb you in the dark always" sounded to me like: "It wont be long, before I just stab you in the dark" "now that you know i'm trapped sense of elation" sounded to me like: "now that you know i'm trapped since ovulation"
  7. Anyone? Thats stupid it say my post has to be at least 10 characters long ....
  8. Guest

    Chat help thread..

    Please use this thread for any chat problems/bugs etc.
  9. Muse Run Afoul of the Italian Press http://www.spinnermusic.co.uk/2009/10/15/muse-run-afoul-of-the-italian-press/ It's well known that the Italian press loves scandal almost as much as the rest of the country loves soccer. Throw in a dash of 'X-Factor' mockery and, as Muse found out during a recent promotional appearance in the boot-shaped country, you've got the recipe for a great tabloid story. "We were booked on this cheesy Italian TV show where they asked us to mime. We tried to think of a way to make it fun and interesting so we decided to swap instruments," drummer Dominic Howard tells Spinner of the band's appearance on the soccer-themed 'Quelli che il Calico' program. "We just did it for a laugh really, just to have a bit of fun, but it actually turned out to be quite a thing." Indeed, the band's instrument swapping performance -- which saw frontman Matthew Bellamy move to drums and bassist Christopher Wolstenholme 'playing' the guitar and keyboards while a sunglass-sporting Howard, a dead ringer for Interpol's Paul Banks, mimed the vocals and bass -- caused quite a stir on the internet where various versions of the clip have been watched over 500,000 times. Italy's national media, however, were not quite as amused. While in the band's native England the act of swapping instruments during lip-synced performances became an accepted practice thanks to the nationally televised 'Top of the Pops' program, it seemed the joke was lost on 'Quelli che il Calico's host Simona Ventura. "Apparently it completely came across that we were taking the piss out of the presenter, who is some 'X Factor' judge that no one really likes," Howard fondly recalls. "The Italian press turned it into quite a story." Eventually cooler heads prevailed and the band -- who recorded most of their recent album 'The Resistance' at Bellamy's holiday home in Italy's Lake Cuomo (where George Clooney also famously resides) -- can safely return to Lo Stivale, though they probably shouldn't hold their breaths for an Italian 'X-Factor' invite.
  10. ..... got to say mine is the Unintended chorus I'll be there as soon as I can, but I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before
  11. With the Album to begin Streaming today in Some countries, I have created this poll for folks to vote for their favourite track on The Resistance. I have counted Exogenesis as 1 Track, rather than 3 Separate songs. Also, why is a particular song your favourite? How would you rate each track out of 10? Feel free to vote once you have heard the whole album!
  12. I hope this really is the third one. Anyway, nobody else wanted to make the new thread, so I've done it. Old thread is here. Dom: "Hurhurhur, look at me toss off this pole!" Matt (mumbling off-screen): "Wish that was my pole..."
  13. I know most folk on here must have a particular line, chorus, verse, bar, bridge, solo etc. that they love and listen to over and over again. I want to know. Mine is at the end of Citizen Erased when it goes from F major to F minor.....mmmmm
  14. I wana know...and...all muse's fans in Israel wana know... how can we make you come to Israel?? I mean...we love muse...we wana see them live...(I know I do)...but we can't fly to another country...it's to expensive... I'm sure that if muse will come...they will have allot of crowd...I mean...It would be a once in a life time opportunity to all muse fans in Israel and Turkey (they are 2 hours via the sea from us)... so if some one...a muse spokesman or even some on from muse...could answer me why they don't want to come...or how can I make them think about the possibility of coming here... pleaspleaspleas...let me know.... it means the world to me...to all myse fans from this area of the world... p.s. sorry for my spelling mistake..english is a second language here...
  15. Arnie


    I can begin to imagine what I would be feeling if I was rolling while listening to it...
  16. If he disagrees with music producers, it is because they are wrong. He once was accused of harassing a female fan who was upset because he would not keep harassing her. He’s a lover, not a fighter, but he’s also a rocker, so don’t get any ideas. Even his parents’ advice is insightful. The Muse fan shirts with him on the front never wrinkle. The sold out stadiums where he performs can be seen from outer space and aliens often tune in. He once spanked a female magician on stage. That’s right. You heard me. If a monument was built in his honor, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would close, due to poor attendance. His pillow talk is years ahead of it’s time. The toughest rock-stars in the business have been offered to fight him and all flat out refuse. He has only fallen off of stage to dismount. He has been known to cure women of frigidness, just by walking into the room. When it is raining at his concerts, it is because he is sad. Even if he forgets to put postage on fan mail, it gets there. He once had an uncomfortable moment at a concert, just to see what it was like. His cereal never gets soggy. It sits there, staying crispy, just for him. Women want him; men want to be him. He is Matthew Bellamy – the most interesting rock-star in the world!!!
  17. http://www.craveonline.com/entertainment/music/article/the-6-most-shameless-rip-off-bands-in-rock-91017 Muse: Radiohead/Queen Singer Matt Bellamy's vocal stylings on the first three Muse albums were such shameless adaptations of those of Radiohead's Thom Yorke that many thought the wonk-eyed singer was actually in another band. Having been called out relentlessly for the similarities, the band has since shifted gears and moved into operatic territory - where the symphonic pretense runs deep, and the kitsch of supposed oppression and Orwellian paranoia saturates and bogs down what could otherwise be perfectly respectable music. Switching derivatives from Radiohead to Queen was a smart choice, albeit a predictable one, but Muse has real potential to create memorable music if they'd get the hell over themselves, abandon the excess frills and leave the impersonations behind. :rolleyes:
  18. i think it's safe to assume that, for many of us, muse is a part of everyday life. in conversations (whether or not the other person even gives a phuck), etc. so. what are some quotes, quips, or stories, having to do with muse, that have popped up in your random life? just now my mum came in the room and said, "i think adam lambert (american idol, eh?) should do a muse song." granted i was mixed and explained how that would be peachy, but he'd have people trying to kill him afterwards. mum replied that "he would never be as good as matt bellamy." props to her for remembering his name anyone else?
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZhFuqHNl3w TITLE: Takeabow19s MUSE THE MOVIE - V1. (2 DISK EDITION) Torrent notes: PLEASE READ Running time: 2 hours, 25 mins approx. Muse The Movie is a feature long documentary edited by takeabow19. The feature was produced through late 2008 and finalized completely in 2010 after many recuts and final drafts. During the making of the documentary creator of the film, Takeabow19, was helped by host of 'Musebootlegs.com' Paul to source some of the best quality footage to include. Takeabow19 was also given the complete uncut VHS footage exclusively for Muse the movie of Muses battle of the bands performance from 1994. I wanted to make a documentary which featured the best of Muse, all those clips I love put into one movie and basically give it a narration by Muse themselves sourced from their interviews over the years to tell their story. The movie begins with Muse at school and ends at the beginning of The Resistance era. Footage for this film has been sourced from different places in the best quality there at the time before the movie was finalised in 2010. Naturally because of this the quality varies hugely in parts. Some footage is very pixelated for example, and other parts are HD sourced. There are two releases of the movie. This is Version 1, the standard 2 disk DVD set. The single disk dual layer version (which im ironing some small menu problems with) will follow and features 20 mins of additional footage including a multi language subtitle track and additional fans intro vids that didn't make it into the final cut. The extended cut features a lot more 'fly on the wall' moments with the band as well as exclusive material. Version 1 is more 'easy watching' for people getting to know Muse and their history. I would have liked to have included alot more but ultimately I had to cut nearly an hour of edited footage so I wasnt competing with the Lord of the rings running time. Yes in certain parts their are aspect ratio issues, and also a few spelling errors in parts (one very noticeable bit during the 2006 award part, which has been since corrected for the dual layer release.) Also worth mentioning is the full credit list isnt included on V1 but is on V2 as a seperate video to the movie. Im very honored to say Tom Kirk and Muse have watched this movie and own their own personal copies of it. Tom has told me how they loved watching the early footage especially and seeing the evolution and have given it their seal of approval. Finally id like to make a few dedications; to all my friends who have stuck by this project right from the start and supported it through all the rough times during the making of it (Sever, L., Dalia to name just a few). To my girlfriend who gave me the original idea for it, Tom Kirk for being so supportive of the project and being an all round awesome guy, and lastly Matt Dom and Chris. For its because of you guys that this documentary exists and I put all the years of work into this in my spare time and could put one of my gifts to good use to share with the rest of my friends in the Muse community. I think thats all. Oh one last thing, Please please do it justice and burn to DVD to watch back on the TV and on the best audio equipment available to enjoy it to the absolute fullest. Enjoy my friends! - Takeabow19 x
  20. So this (30 second preview of a) song has somehow missed having its own thread (unless I missed it)....we can't have that can we? What does everyone think? Anyone else instantly think of "The Winner Takes It All" for the first little bit of vocal melody?
  21. In your opinion, which is Matt's best vocal work? IMO, he sounds phenomenal throughout The Resistance, and really shines through on Exogenesis, particularly Redemption. But he's also awesome on older songs, such as Endlessly, Ruled by Secrecy and Hoodoo. And I could go on... But what do you think?
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