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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everybody. I would like to introduce you to a musical project called Delicious Gace. We'rejust starting out. Our sound is based on multiple influences. I personally am a big fan of Muse and that's why we decided to post our song here. I hope you like it:
  2. Seeing covers showcase more of the creative side of Musers, this thread has been moved from Kit and Tab and given a new home here in Creativity. This thread is for Muse and Non-Muse covers, audio, video or MIDI files. If you want a link to all your YouTube or Soundcloud covers added to this post, send a private message to james90, Matthijs, or any other moderator and we'll add you to the list. Work on here can be freely used to create more complete covers (i.e. downloading drums and adding guitar, or adding vocals). If you wish for your file not to be reused, you must specify otherwise it is assumed you allow it. This topic should be used for discussing people's work, offering constructive criticism and for planning collaborations - basically anything that is on the topic of Muse or Non-Muse covers. Please note that all off topic posts in this thread will be deleted/edited to ensure this thread doesn't become full of spam, this is nothing personal. Links to some Musers' covers: Matthijs' covers: youtube link Harley.'s covers: youtube link bucket_'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Dave's covers: youtube link Bentley's covers: youtube link Olly.'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Crowella's covers: soundcloud link Dominic.'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Lord MFC's covers: youtube link Lick My Face's covers: youtube link alyssa_'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Royboy's covers: youtube link | soundcloud link RayFan9876's covers: Ordeal's covers: youtube link philam64's covers: youtube link darthan's covers: youtube link smokid's covers: youtube link alibros' covers: youtube link | soundcloud link RabadanOscar's covers: youtube link Barbara's covers: youtube link Kraney's covers: soundcloud link
  3. Saw it on muse live, think it should be on this forum, to avoid a few pointless threads.
  4. As the title says, i haven't seen anyone discuss or realize about this. We've heard 4 out of 12 songs, although that we know that JFK/Drill Sergeant are just speeches and Drones is a capella, making that 4 out of 9 intrumental songs, and we know about each song on the album thanks to some listening parties reviews, and none of them describes a full piano driven song. Sure we have (at least and as far as we know) The Globalist which has a piano section, but still the song lives up to guitar riffs/chords. And this annoys me because every Muse album has great piano songs, hell, i even adore Explorers. Whats your opinion? Or did i miss the part where it says there is at least a full piano song? PD: excuse my english.
  5. Hello, Musers. I am starting out on piano and would like to learn some Muse songs. What are some of the easiest ones to play? Thanks for reading
  6. Hi ! I have made an Orchestral version of "Unintended". This sounds "classical", but do you think that the "original spirit" of the song is respected ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ5QvhZp-aw
  7. Hi guys. I'm attempting to record my first original album at the moment and have launched this video and channel as part of the build up to it. There will be a few videos coming, one of which will be A MUSE COMPILATION so if you could keep an eye on it, I'd greatly appreciate it. Would really value some feedback and likes on youtube itself as well, thanks ever so much and watch this space. Charlie
  8. Hey! I'm looking for The Gallery entire sheet music for piano. I found a guitar pro tab, but there was only the first part of the song. If you can, please, send it to me Thanks!
  9. I am going to play a cover of MotP with my friends and since we have two guitarists, we thought it would be cool if one of us would play the piano theme on guitar... I've looked all over internet and didn't found it.. Could someone be kind and send some tabs? Thanks
  10. There is no way to download songs from Muse sheets for piano freely? Please, Muse*Portugal
  11. Hi everybody, new here. Does anybody know who played the Piano on Exogenesis Symphony? Was it Matthew Bellamy himself? Cheers, Ole
  12. Hello everyone. Can you tell me which keyboards and synths are used during lives? Thank you, bye!
  13. Hey people Got an extension on my dissertation that I have to do for my BA photography degree and what I've found while studying is that music without words works really well for me, helps me get into the studying sooooo much smoother than without it. Lately I been listening to the Twilight score by Carter Bruwell, but I need more! I don't know much about classical but I been listening to Muse since Showbiz and Bellamy's knowledge and the influence of classical is evident since the beginning. I'm listening to track 10 on Resistance as I write, love the piano, as I do the piano solo on the end of United States of Europa. Does anyone know who has influenced Muse in this form of music; it's theatrical and deep and soooo soothing. If Bellamy done a piano solo album I'd be stealing it from HMV and getting chased thru Truro town centre by security if I couldn't afford; so if anyone has any ideas what artists Bellamy has been influenced by classically, and/or know what might I like, it be great to hear from you Peace xx P.S. Now I'm at track 11 - sooo lush!!!
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