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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, Time to Start a fresh!!!!! But lets try and keep it a lil more organised This time let have Band name -Followed by url/site addy And then list of songs? Ok lets go! ---------------------------------------------------- Ki Kame - www.ki-kame.com here are some short samples of our stuff. [] Preacher [] A Guernican Relation --------------------------------------------------- Lets try an keep em all like this. Its just easier to see stuff. AHhhhh tiz up to yourselves
  2. Hello Musers! As a musician and a huge Muse fanI decided to pay tribute to them by doing a live looping performance of different songs from all their albums on one single take. Everything was done a 100% live, and with live loops, also crazy guitar riffs and effects, I truly hope you like it! Let me know! Here's the link:
  3. Hello there! I've heard BOD playing his keyboard VERY well and theres all this stuff going on about Musecast cover competitions, so I had a brainwave: Why not make a: using members of kit and tab. Each person can record their own instrument into a sound file, then collect them together and make our own tribute act. We could do the 'under 19 act' and the 'over 26 act' (for example) and then put it to a vote to see who is better. Any suggestions? Anyone up for it? ----- Thanks to BeastLove for advert! Completed Stockholm Syndrome - Muselive Links
  4. Just wanted to let everyone on here know about a show that's coming up in NYC on Saturday, 7/16/11 at Highline Ballroom - 431 W. 16th Street, NY, NY 10011 - http://www.highlineballroom.com/bio.php?id=1961 A Muse Tribute from called Supermassive Black Hole will be performing a full show of Muse's best songs! Show starts at 8pm, doors are at 6pm. All ages - Only $5, as we are about bringing the music of Muse to fans and having a good time performing their music. So hope to see you all and spread the word! Check them out at: http://www.myspace.com/smbhband With a great variety of songs from all of Muse's albums, what songs would you be looking forward to hearing? Let us know!
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