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Found 7 results

  1. Seeing covers showcase more of the creative side of Musers, this thread has been moved from Kit and Tab and given a new home here in Creativity. This thread is for Muse and Non-Muse covers, audio, video or MIDI files. If you want a link to all your YouTube or Soundcloud covers added to this post, send a private message to james90, Matthijs, or any other moderator and we'll add you to the list. Work on here can be freely used to create more complete covers (i.e. downloading drums and adding guitar, or adding vocals). If you wish for your file not to be reused, you must specify otherwise it is assumed you allow it. This topic should be used for discussing people's work, offering constructive criticism and for planning collaborations - basically anything that is on the topic of Muse or Non-Muse covers. Please note that all off topic posts in this thread will be deleted/edited to ensure this thread doesn't become full of spam, this is nothing personal. Links to some Musers' covers: Matthijs' covers: youtube link Harley.'s covers: youtube link bucket_'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Dave's covers: youtube link Bentley's covers: youtube link Olly.'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Crowella's covers: soundcloud link Dominic.'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Lord MFC's covers: youtube link Lick My Face's covers: youtube link alyssa_'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Royboy's covers: youtube link | soundcloud link RayFan9876's covers: Ordeal's covers: youtube link philam64's covers: youtube link darthan's covers: youtube link smokid's covers: youtube link alibros' covers: youtube link | soundcloud link RabadanOscar's covers: youtube link Barbara's covers: youtube link Kraney's covers: soundcloud link
  2. Ok, Time to Start a fresh!!!!! But lets try and keep it a lil more organised This time let have Band name -Followed by url/site addy And then list of songs? Ok lets go! ---------------------------------------------------- Ki Kame - www.ki-kame.com here are some short samples of our stuff. [] Preacher [] A Guernican Relation --------------------------------------------------- Lets try an keep em all like this. Its just easier to see stuff. AHhhhh tiz up to yourselves
  3. NOTE: this thread is not meant for you to post your own covers in. Feel free to post your own covers in Muse/non muse cover thread instead. I searched and didn't find one so here we go. share awesome covers of muse songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU02s...eature=related That dude is a winner
  4. I'm looking to start a Muse cover band in my area, but I want your guys' honest opinions: do I have the guitar/ vocal skills necessary to undertake this without it sucking terribly? There's an acoustic cover of Time is Running Out and several Muse guitar covers here: http://www.youtube.com/user/willneubauer be as harsh as you'd like; realize that most of the guitar covers were recorded in one take so they're not quite perfect. I'm just trying to get all the feedback that I can. (moving this to the OP so I can keep track of it...) I recorded over a karaoke track of Newborn, but there's some distortion in the chorus/ higher falsetto parts...there's no way I can record it without getting that cuz I'm using a webcam mic...albeit a higher end one, but still not enough for that kind of volume. So when listening, please keep that in mind, haha. http://youtu.be/_3kgLMrH7B4 hint: this probably works better if you imagine it in a bar with a cover band. have a few drinks beforehand if that helps, lol
  5. (looked for this thread, couldn't find it) I love to play muse songs on guitar, and muse also got me to revist the piano more often, which i had abandoned many years ago. So, what song can you play? Anything, guitar, drums, bass, piano/keyboard, if you can actually sing. (Hey i think any of us would give anything to sing like matt, i try and fail) If you have one, does your band cover muse songs? Do you add a little of your own touch to the songs? Are there songs you've tried and failed? Because Muse is a very talented group, this can happen to many people. doesn't matter if your new to the instrument, feel free to post. On Guitar -Fillip -Just the intro, but its genuis. have to learn the rest -New Born - dropped D fun -Bliss- definatly one of the best muse guitar riffs -Hyper Music - I almost broke my guitar neck and the ceiling fan in my room on this one jumping around. It is one of their most rocking songs. I love to do the scratching intro. -Plug In Baby - supposedly this came from a classical song, the best muse song in my opinion -Hysteria - this one warrents footshuffling and dancing while you play -The Small Print- try and play it as fast as possible -Invincible - The solo IS SO HARD. the most challenging muse thing i've tried to play. I can play it, but not nearly as fast tapping as bellamy. This one is a finger stretcher. - Exo- Politics - catchy, simple riff, with lots of cool other stuff. -Assassin- ne nananananana ne nananananana ne nanananaa BAMMM lol -Knights of Cydonia - Great. Every part. Especially the... ohhh just every part. The only song i'm still failing at is "the groove". haven't found a good tab for it yet. If you know of one, give a shout.
  6. I'd like to make some muse song covers, do I need to have any license or what?
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