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  1. Wow...this thread has really taken off. Who knew it would still be going till now! Keep em coming.!!!!
  2. That is kinda freaky indeed!!!! Drop me a pm man if you use msn or anything Would be cool to stay in contact like. http://www.Curlisduane.tk < I know you guys hahaha. Good band! Check em out!!!
  3. Your band is called minimum???? hahaha. My old band name was minimum before we changed it to Ki Kame. How strange Oh! can any people musically involved here help. My band is looking to secure a few gigs in the UK later this year. Is their any Organisation that promotes unsigned Bands or, would their be any bands interested in helping us out by letting us open for them or anything really. Would be good to hear from some of you!
  4. Any caring hearts still awake in Ireland right now. Its near 3am and Im still not tired...... People c'mon...... dont leave me alone here!!!!!!! :'(
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