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  1. Ok, Time to Start a fresh!!!!! But lets try and keep it a lil more organised This time let have Band name -Followed by url/site addy And then list of songs? Ok lets go! ---------------------------------------------------- Ki Kame - www.ki-kame.com here are some short samples of our stuff. [] Preacher [] A Guernican Relation --------------------------------------------------- Lets try an keep em all like this. Its just easier to see stuff. AHhhhh tiz up to yourselves
  2. Greetings I live in Ukraine and my question is will MUSE ever here? I've seen they've been to Moscow Russia and somehow they skipped Ukraine and I wonder why so? I live in the city was recently renamed to Dnipro and it is not a capital so if they would ever come they probably visit Kiev our capital as they don't go to may places in one county by looking at their tour stops list. Our city is not that small and it loves rock bands too, our major oligarch in his interview was asked question: what type of music do you listen and the answer was strict: - "rock". I can't say I only listening to rock, I go from Chopin to Lil Wayne but I do like MUSE as well and if they would come to play in Ukraine I'm not sure about Kiev but I woul'd change plans if I had nothing major and they'd come to our town Dnipro and I would buy at least 1 ticket and 2 tickets is a possibility and it is really high. ⛸️ Andriy.
  3. Saw it on muse live, think it should be on this forum, to avoid a few pointless threads.
  4. Anyone here like Endlessly? When I first heard it, I felt it sounded amazing with lyrics that instantly grab.
  5. Been a while since I did something this big, spent just over a month on this. Anyhoo, here it is. A collection of songs from Muse's six night residency at the AccorHotels arena. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y5gLqxMSNE Hope you all enjoy it! I really do hope so, otherwise the 25 hour upload time seems like a bit of a waste
  6. Hey folks! My husband and I have enjoyed Alamo Drafthouse and their special events, and we've noticed that they do a lot of SingAlongs for different musicians and music styles and what not. And I was thinking, if we all worked together and actually attended, we could get them started for MUSE.. As well as screenings of their concert DVDS such as HAARP and Live at the Olympic Stadium. I think this could be an incredible opportunity to get to know local MUSE fans and enjoy their music in a really cool setting!! If you think this would be a great idea, we should all work together to contact Alamo Drafthouse in the Houston area (Vintage Park and Mason Park are the two we know of.) If you haven't heard of them, they have fun events like Quote-Alongs and Sing-Alongs, as well as special screenings. We have enjoyed the Serenity Quote-Along and the Jurassic Park (original one!) Quote Along. Anyway, just a thought. You can comment here, I'll set this to notify me by email. Teamwork can get us what we want. ^_^ Cali
  7. Hi, I just saw the clip online of recently, and it seems that Matt has brought back the guitar playing in it! And not just part, but for all of it! Do you think this was just a one-time thing, or do you think the chances are high that he will start playing instruments on other songs again, like guitar on Unintended, Blackout, Follow Me; piano for the intro of New Born; or the keytar in Undisclosed Desires? ~Dan P.S.: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. I haven't been here for so long that it's confusing to me.
  8. So I know most people have a top 10 songs they love to listen to, but how about your favorite songs to hear performed live? Seeing Muse live in concert is a completely different experience than hearing the album in your room, and hearing a song done live can bring different feelings than hearing it on an album. So, what's your favorite ten songs to hear live? Mine are 1. Bliss 2. Stockholm Syndrome 3. Uprising 4. New Born 5. Knights of Cydonia 6. Psycho 7. Survival 8. Reapers 9. Hysteria 10. Apocalypse Please Post yours down below!
  9. Hy all. Check it out my Absolution live wallpaper for Android. Rate it if you liked them. Link for Google play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dimchel.absolutionwallaper Sorry for my bad english. I'm a poor Ukrainian student.
  10. OK So earlier this month (sept. 6) I saw the one and only AWESOME!!! How about everyone else share their experiences (if you have been to one)
  11. Hi there, people! I was at the Rome show and I fully recorded it in audio... BUT I don't know if sharing will be allowed due to the show being filmed for DVD and stuff. The recording isn't the best around (I was there basically to enjoy myself, and moreover the sound at the bottom of the stadium wasn't precisely perfect) but it would be a nice memory for those who were there! Anyone knows if the sharing of this show will be allowed? Here's a teaser (Follow Me - you can hear Matt saying "La prossima canzione e para il mio figlio", which means "this next song is for my son")... http://www.goear.com/listen/df44e35/follow-me-muse Thanks in advance
  12. I've noticed that Muse tend to make a live album every two or three studio albums. Personally, I am not interested in another live album, but what do you think?
  13. Heya everyone, My name is Ken and I'm a music journalist/photographer in New York. Last week I got to photograph Muse, a band that I've loved for years. I used to be more of a reader then a poster on this forum during the pre/post Resistance days and kind of fell off track with the forum but I never forgot about it. The reason I'm posting is because my photographs from the show are up now. I'd love it if you guys were to take a look, cheers. (NOTE: I did look at the prefixes/rules for posting and tried my best to make sure I was following those guidelines, apologies if I did not). http://kenami.tumblr.com/post/48628520141/concert-recap-muse
  14. It seems to me like digital effects in general are pretty unpopular, as if anyone would discourage someone to use them. Is this the case with you guys in this forum? I'd like to hear your opinions, why you like/dislike digital effects and software. I've got NI guitar rig 5 and the rig kontrol 3 and have been using it since january, and it works just fine, its got all I need. Anyone else use this aswell?
  15. Does anyone know what notes he's playing on the keytar thing during the intro? I figured out the first two chord formations on the vox effect but after that I get lost and I'm not 100% on the synth bass bits. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. So, now that we have Survival, how do you guys think it will fit into live performances (if it is played live at all)? Do you think they will have extra musicians or a choir onstage, or will it all be done by Morgan? Whereabouts in setlists do you think it will end up? Could it be a concert opener, closer, or neither? Discuss! (sorry if this is in the wrong section by the way or if someone has already made this thread)
  17. Hey, I recently decided that I wanted to cover Stockholm Syndrome with my band but I have a problem. I was wondering if any of you guys know where to get the synth track that plays in the back during the chorus? It's just so amazing that covering the song without it wouldn't be as awesome. Also, if I get the synth track, how would I use it? I'm just not sure how it would work as in if the drummer would have to be listening to a metronome during the show to match with the synth? Will it have to plug my laptop in the sound system and have someone click play at that part? It just seem like it would be a hassle and complicated but if there's an easy way to do it that I would like to know. Thanks dudios.
  18. In order to get a good Muse fix I find myself on youtube a lot, playing through some awesome videos (mainly live) to either remind me of great times or to hype myself up for future gigs. There are some great videos out there that really get the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end but it is impossible to watch them all! What are your recommended Muse youtube videos right now?
  19. Hello, Â Long time reader first time creator, Â I have always loved the New Born live Outro from Wembley (2007) and I have tried tabbing it out however I have been unsuccessful. I have also been unable to find it anywhere. The First part of the outro I know is Microphone Fiend by RATM but the second part where he starts using the whammy i have been unable to tab. I understand there is alot of improve and just sliding a.k.a "just pissing about with the whammy" however there is a part that isn't just sliding. Â It starts at around 7:00: Â Â Also Muse uses Endless Nameless as a live outro for Stockholm Syndrome and i was wondering if this is what they play: Â Also starts at around 7:00 Â Â x x x------------------- x x x 19b 19b 19b x x x 18b 18b 18b 0 0 0------------------- 0 0 0------------------- 0 0 0------------------- Pm- Â Â Thank you very much
  20. I found this gallery of Muse's show in Sydney! Loven' it! It really captures the album http://www.themusicnetwork.com/gallery/live-music-photos/live/muse-acer-arena-sydney
  21. Let's make a giant collection of Muse screwing up during live performances! The funnier the better. Point of this topic is to embarrass Muse so much that they won't be able to leave their house without a mask on. LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=268mEPTkcHs To mods: I made a few searches to make sure a similar topic does not exist. If there is another one, please delete this topic instead of merging with the other. Thanks.
  22. this has probably been posted already and its probably gonna get moved [i searched and couldnt find anything]. but anywho, i just discovered this video, its 30 performances over 7 years all synced up together and its pretty freakin awesome! for those of you who havent already seen it.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IA96btxLdic
  23. From the myspace version that they posted from the seattle show, has anyone been able to tab this? im playing this song live for my band and im struggling to tab it, any help would be appreciated
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